Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Fails To Receive Bids Higher Than $280

Sina Estavi holding a glowing logo

Jack Dorsey, found of Twitter sold his first Tweet as an NFT last year for $2.9M. Crypto Entrepreneur Sina Estavi bought the NFT. Last Thursday, Estavi announced he’d be looking to sell the NFT and donate 50% of the proceeds to charity.

When he said this he was expecting 50% of the proceeds to be around $24 million, as he listed the NFT for $48 million. After getting no traction for a few days he decided to put the NFT up for auction instead. He thought maybe he’d receive a bid of at least $25 million.

Sina Estavi holding a glowing logo

Sina Estavi is the owner of Jack Dorsey’s first-ever Tweet NFT. credit: @sinaEstavi’s Twitter

However, the auction closed yesterday and a mere amount of seven people had bid on the NFT. The highest bid was 0.09 ETH which equates to about $277.

Not Much Hype Behind Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet NFT Anymore

Back in March of 2021 when this NFT was sold, the sentiment was that Estavi got a good deal. Now fast forward over a year and the NFT community seems to have fallen out of love with this specific NFT story.

Estavi has recently said that “the deadline is over, but if I get a good offer I might accept it.” He clearly overvalued the ‘world’s first-ever Tweet’, or active NFT users just don’t see it being that valuable anymore.

Sina Estavi is a serial entrepreneur who launched both Bridge Oracle and CryptoLand. Since launch, both these ventures have collapsed and Bridge Oracle investors are waiting for him to exchange their old tokens for new ones. On the same day of the token swap news, Estavi announced he’d be putting up Dorsey’s Tweet NFT for sale. Estavi has also recently gone to jail in Iran.

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