Jarritos Launch NFT Project Bones With No Perks

jarritos bones nft as pictured on opensea

The Mexican soft drink Jarritos has just launched the NFT project “Bones”. However, unlike other NFT projects, it is currently NFT-focused, with no added web3 perks. Instead, it revolves around Mexican culture and the Jarritos brand.

jarritos bones nft as pictured on opensea

You can now become part of the Mexican soft drink brand’s familia by purchasing an NFT!

About the Bones NFT collection

Bones is a collection of 3,972 NFT skeletons, inspired by Mexican culture, the soft drink brand and web3. According to a statement released by the soft drink company: “By joining the Bones familia you take one step closer to Jarritos and will receive access to special events, brand deals, exclusive partnerships, limited edition drinks and so much more. As web3 evolves so too will the opportunities for the community!”

Although there are currently no perks, plans are in place to offer the Jarritos community several bonuses and opportunities in the near future. The current floor price of the Bones NFT collection is 0.08 ETH, or $134.26 USD. If you are interested in buying a Bones NFT, you can do so on OpenSea.

About Jarritos

Jarritos, founded in 1950 by Don Isaac Bessudo Perez, is a Mexican soft drink brand. It stands out from other soft drinks because it is less carbonated than most soft drinks and naturally flavoured. While it is produced in Mexico, Jarritos is sold all across North and South America.

By launching its own NFT collection and web3 community, Jarritos joins other soft drink brands that have joined the web3 space. These include Pepsi and Coca-Cola, to name but a few.

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