Jim Jones x Migos Release A Metaverse Music Video In Decentraland

Jim Jones and Migos

In case you didn’t get the memo, Decentraland is launching its new Metaverse Theatre. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the theatre is hosting Jim Jones and Migos’ new NFT music video: “We Set The Trends”. So jump right in!

Jim Jones and Migos

Don’t miss the premiere! Credit: Decentraland

Ready to party with Jim Jones and Migos?

The announcement came last week on 3rd June. But we all deserve second chances, don’t we? Rappers Jim Jones and Migos’ music video will be playing on Decentraland until 10th June, so you still have time to witness it. Jim Jones is a strong Web3 and NFT advocate. Besides being active in various NFT projects, he is also bringing change to the music industry as a whole.

Along with LimeWire, the rappers awarded the first 1,000 attendees a free Decentraland wearable to flex in the metaverse. They were also given a WL spot in the “We Set The Trends” official drop. After the live event, the duo held a Q&A session via Twitter Spaces.

The “We Set The Trends” animated music video features 15 visual artists and 20 unique NFTs. In case you were wondering, yes there are BAYC appearances in the music video. Furthermore, there will be a total of 2,420 NFTs, ready for the blind mint.

LimeWire x NFTs

This event is proudly sponsored by LimeWire, which is gradually making its return to relevancy. The discontinued peer-to-peer file-sharing company has set its sights on the NFT industry, ready to make a real change. The founders acknowledge that there are still various technical hurdles that are preventing mass adoption. Therefore, they aim to build a truly mainstream-ready collectibles platform, accessible to everybody.

With these entities doing what they do, I say the future of the industry is in good hands. Anyway, that’s enough talk for now. Head to Decentraland now!

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