Join the Dream Vortex NFT Craze with NYX Professional Makeup!

NYX Professional Makeup has announced the Dream Vortex NFT collection. It will be available for purchase on April 27th via GORJS and OpenSea. Dream Vortex is the first NFT collection where 3D artists can unleash the full potential of their imagination. All while establishing the metaverse’s beauty aesthetic.

Join the Dream Vortex NFT Craze with NYX Professional Makeup! Source: NYX

Join the Dream Vortex NFT Craze with NYX Professional Makeup!

Members can unlock their NFTs’ unique traits and utilities, such as phygital art, exclusive IRL experiences, and more by completing quests to earn GORJS ‘crowns.’ The drop consists of a collection of 4,150 unique NFTs.

Dream Vortex is the first artist collection for the GORJS beauty DAO. NYX Professional Makeup carefully selected a roster of nine artists. The roaster is based on their talents, exceptional expertise, and global impact on the 3D avatar community to create the collection. Each artist derived each unique piece of art from their interpretation of a new era of beauty. Thus, building on the values of diversity, inclusion, creativity, and entertainment.

Using the DAO’s Treasury funds, the Team Alpha artists were paid an upfront stipend to work on their collections and will receive royalties on all primary and secondary sales. Additionally, all nine artists will retain full ownership of their unique avatar IP. This is a significant shift in the creator economy approach and how artists secure equitable compensation and recognition.

GORJS Dream Vortex NFT Collection: A Multi-Phased Approach

“The GORJS Dream Vortex launch consists of a multi-phased approach, allowing the FKWME Pass Holders a guaranteed airdrop following the sale. The team will allocate the first phase for members who earned GORJS ‘crowns’. These NFT badges that the community can obtain by engaging in quests within GORJS. It will guarantee their mint on OpenSea. The second and third phases are attributed to the allowlist and waitlist members. It will followed by the fourth phase for general sale on OpenSea as well,” the company stated.

Moreover, NYX Professional Makeup is leveraging several powerful key players in the Web3 space. It is doing so to partner with for Dream Vortex, including OpenSea, The Sandbox, Polygon, QuestN, Infinite Objects, Hologram and Rory Rockmore jewelry. These partners will offer distinct utilities for each NFT, such as phygital art elements. These special utilities will be tied to physical traits within the art such as background, body parts, eyes, makeup, hair, and clothing.

NYX Professional Makeup: Championing the Future of Beauty in Web3 and Beyond

NYX Professional Makeup is a modern, digitally native makeup brand. Further, as  a leader in the global color cosmetics industry, NYX Professional Makeup is an affordable professional makeup line. The brand boasts every shade, color, and tool needed to create makeup artistry at every level.


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