KaijuKingz : The Cutest Pixel Beast NFTs

KaijuKingz is among the most successful pixel NFT projects of the year. From unique traits to metaverse utility, these digital beasts allow access to the team’s powerful DAO. Furthermore, the 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz can generate limited-edition Baby Kaiju NFTs too!

Rumor has it that KaijuKingz might become the next CyberKongz on the NFT scene. With that in mind, let’s find out what the project is all about.

image of two KaijuKingz pixel PFP NFTs

The Genesis KaijuKingz collection consists of 3,333 PFP pixel collectibles. Credits: KaijuKingz

What is KaijuKingz?

In essence, KaijuKingz is an NFT project inspired by CyberKongz. The debut NFT collection consists of 3,333 Genesis Kaiju NFTs called “Kaijuz”. Each digital avatar has a pixelated design and colorful traits. From hats to accessories and armors, the digital dragons live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Notably, the collection includes 10 Legendary Kaijuz. These animated NFTs feature unique looks and backgrounds. In fact, one of the collectibles was hiding in the initial mint; meanwhile, the team auctioned off the remaining nine digital assets.

The project comes from OhDots, an active member and collector of CyberKongz NFTs. He created KaijuKingz under his new company called Augminted Labs. Accordingly, the project aims to “foster competition and collaboration between Web3 communities”.

At this moment, the collection is completely sold out. However, you can still find KaijuKingz NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace. The current floor price is 0.915 ETH. In total, the collection has surpassed 28.7K ETH in trading volume.

image of a KaijuKingz NFT

Each digital item acts as a ticket to the project’s community-driven DAO!

Do these pixel beast NFTs have utility?

To begin with, Genesis Kaiju NFTs generate 5 $RWASTE per day. To clarify, $RWASTE is the native currency of KaijuKingz. Holders can use these tokens as follows:

  • Write lore for Kaiju NFTs.
  • Name their own Kaijuz;
  • Combine two Genesis Kaijuz to create a Baby Kaiju.

The project has a supply of 6,666 Baby Kaiju NFTs available. Surprisingly, though, the resulting Baby Kaiju is completely different from the NFTs that generated it. Here’s an example:

image of two KaijuKingz NFTs and a Baby Kaiju NFT

Two KaijuKingz NFTs can combine their DNA to create a limited-edition Baby Kaiju collectible. Credits: KaijuKingz

In fact, these collectibles feature new traits and utility soon to be discovered!

Three KaijuKingz's Scientists in different attire

The project’s secondary NFT collection, Scientists, already had a successful launch this season!

What about the KaijuKingz roadmap?

Surprisingly, the pixel KaijuKingz NFTs will turn into 3D models ready to take over the Metaverse. Basically, holders will be able to use these Voxelized characters as their avatar. The first metaverse to support KaijuKingz is The Sandbox.

Next up, the project’s DAO will start accessing the vault to support talented people thrive in the Web3 world. The project admins will even consider granting scholarships. equipment, classes, and living expenses for content creators and developers. This way, community members can grow along with the project.

In the long run, KaijuKingz will explore new ways of growing its community. From upgraded utility for $RWASTE to supporting young talents, the project aims to “expand the Kaiju empire” and push the limits of the Web3 space.

In fact, the project founders are already fulfilling their promise. KaijuKingz already launched a secondary NFT collection titled KaijuKingz Scientists. Meanwhile, the team developed a P2E ecosystem for its community too.

To conclude, KaijuKingz is an NFT project aiming to create a powerful community through its pixel artworks. The colorful traits, Legendary items, and breeding possibilities increase the collection’s long-term value. Of course, this is just the beginning, as the team will soon expand to the P2E gaming niche too.

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