Kanye West’s Robot Face Backpack Sold For 50 ETH!

In a surprising move, Elon.Space, the new and creative ‘cultural experiment’ NFT project, has purchased Kanye West’s iconic “Robot Face” Goyard backpack. This recent sale of $100,000 (50 ETH) is an unusual purchase for a new NFT project, but there is a twist. In the upcoming mint of Elon.Space NFTs, everyone who purchases an NFT with be automatically enrolled in a raffle to own the legendary Goyard backpack. There are only 420 of these unique NFTs, so holders will have an excellent opportunity to win!

image of Goyard Kanye West Robot Face backpack

The iconic Goyard ‘Robot Face’ backpack was commissioned by Kanye West!

Why is the Kanye West Robot Face backpack so valuable?

During Paris Fashion Week in 2010, superstar musician, Kanye West commissioned and purchased a 1/1 backpack by the ultra-luxury fashion brand, Goyard. In fact, this was the first ever backpack by the brand, which has been in business since 1853.

The backpack itself is a representation of Kanye West during this time. In 2010 he was the biggest music artist in the world and was beginning to use that same creativity to change the fashion industry. It features several unique features, such as the three pockets on the front, zippers, and the famous Goyard Chevron pattern.

image of Kanye West and Amber Rose with Goyard Backpack

Kanye with his 1/1 Goyard Robot Face backpack!

The backpack resembles a face, which is where the robot face name comes from. There is also a painted K and star emblem on the bottom right, a mark by Kanye.

This creative and first-ever piece by Goyard is what makes the Kanye West Robot Backpack extremely valuable in the fashion world. Goyard, the French trunk and leather goods maker, is notoriously secretive and exclusive. In fact, they have no online store, and only 35 stores worldwide have permission to sell its goods.

Elon.Space buys Kanye West Robot Face backpack

The 1/1 Goyard backpack first resurfaced in 2021 and sold for $55,00. Luxury consigner Justin Reed then sold it to the Elon.Space team for $100,000 (50 ETH). Speaking about the sale, Reed said, “It was an honor to list this 1 of 1 item for sale, and I am more than happy to see it go towards an exciting project like Elon.Space,”

So, why has this new NFT project decided to purchase such a remarkable piece of fashion history? Well, according to Elon.Space, it is because of Kanye’s genius, which matches how they envision their brand.

Elon.Space said, “Kanye is a creative genius that pairs perfectly with the ethos of Elon.Space. We wanted a product that felt iconic and of a moment that resonates with the project – this was it. As soon as Justin posted the product, we knew we had to text him immediately to get it.”

Image of man holding Goyard Kanye West backpack

One lucky Elon.Space NFT holder will win this piece of modern fashion history, worth $100,000.

The Elon.Space NFT collection

In the upcoming mint of the Elon.Space NFT collection, all 420 NFT holders will get the opportunity to win the Kanye West Robot Face backpack. Moreover, there will also be a giveaway of other physical items. These include apparel, candles, and a whole lot more.

The team behind Elon.Space has chosen Elon Musk as inspiration for its debut project, along with the ‘meme culture that follows the billionaire.

Elon.Space will combine memes, fashion, and futuristic tech to create unique ‘phygital’ products. This is one of the reasons why they purchased the Kanye West backpack.

“Elon’s culture of memes is the reason why he is the most accessible figure in the Web3 and NFT space. He loves DOGE, he’s going to space, and he loves trolling. His personality is the quintessential Web3 billionaire,” says an Elon.Space founder.

The debut NFT collection of 420 random and digitally recreated images will be tied to physical pieces of merchandise linked to Elon Musk’s actuall business ventures.

Elon.Space NFT of Elon Musk with Flamethrower

The Elon.Space NFT collection features 420 Elon Musk meme NFTs.

When is the Elon.Space NFT mint?

The Elon.Space NFT mint will take place sometime in September. There is a pre-mint process, which contains an allowlist and public mint. Along with the Kanye West backpack, the team is also giving away ‘Mars & Beyond’ candles ahead of the mint. Join the official Elon.Space Twitter to find out more.

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