Karl Lagerfeld Inspired NFT Collection Sells Out in 49 Minutes

Karl Lagerfield NFT Digital Collectible

The Karl Lagerfeld brand’s first foray into NFTs was a massive hit. The digital collectibles sporting the iconic fashion designer’s signature look sold out in just 49 minutes. After all, any fashion fan can recognize the White shirts, Cadogan hair ribbon and black glasses! 

So how come the late designer can command such success in the NFT and fashion scene? Well, Lagerfeld is one of the fashion industry’s most decorated designers. His creative power is behind the modern revival of Chanel. 

Karl Lagerfield NFT Digital Collectible

Karl Lagerfelds’s brand released digital collectibles donning the iconic designer’s signature look. Credit: The Dematerialised

Karl Lagerfeld Gracing the NFT Runway

The brand released the NFT Collection last September 10, in memory of the iconic German fashion designer’s birthday. Launching on The Dematerialised platform, the NFTs were limited editions and in two versions. The first price point was $91 for the 777 NFT holders. Meanwhile, 77 buyers were able to purchase the rarer and more luxurious version for $210. 

Just like the meticulous designer, every little detail in the collection has meaning. For example, the team chose the number seven as a tribute to Lagerfeld, who considered it his lucky number.

Want to check out other fashion and NFT crossovers? Dolce and Gabbana officially launched its debut NFT Collection. “Collezione Genesi ” is a one-of-a-kind, 9-piece collection personally designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Meanwhile, multi-awarded Single Malt Whiskey Maker Glenfiddich is teaming up with 3D Designer Stephanie Fung to launch an NFT Fashion Collection. 

As the development of the metaverse advances, the demand for fashion-related NFTs will also increase. After all, an important component of the metaverse is representing yourself digitally. So, the NFT community can expect more fashion drops to grace the NFT runway. 

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