KLAYMETA Goes Multi-Chain By Adding BNB Chain NFTs!

Last year, experts predicted that game-related NFTs and tokens such as KLAYMETA would gain far more interest in 2022. So far, it has been that way! In fact, GameFi has gained much attention with the play-to-earn model, and the trend is not going away anytime soon. Hundreds of indie game developers are already releasing blockchain games with economies that use NFTs and tokens to provide players exclusive rights and passive income.

However, the sector still needs a lot of work to become fully mainstream and seamless for users. Right now, blockchain interoperability will crucially add to that. GameFi developers need to think about a multi-chain future for the sector to avoid a cosmic downfall once their growth stops. Several blockchain games are currently available on multiple chains, but most don’t allow users to interact and bridge their game assets at once.

KLAYMETA is a pioneering GameFi project looking to implement a multichain metaverse where users of different blockchain communities can have fun playing, earning, interacting, and transferring their assets across chains.

digital poster of the KLAYMETA game and metaverse

KLAYMETA, the popular NFT metaverse, now goes multi-chain!


KLAYMETA is a utility-packed play-and-earn MMORPG game with metaverse and NFT integration developed by the famous Korean developer, Natris. This fun game uses unique features such as fusion, summoning, staking, and different game modes to keep players engaged.

The KLAYMETA game aims to deliver an immersive experience to players including rewards! Players have to summon their avatars (special NFTs) and fuse them to compete in the game modes (Meta Quest & Adventure) to earn $META, the utility token.

Currently running on the Klaytn network, a GameFi and metaverse-friendly blockchain, KLAYMETA is set to launch on the BNB chain first to leverage the different GameFi use cases on a multichain model.


Why BNB Chain?

Binance recently united its two chains, Binance Chain (where governance and staking occur) and the Binance Smart Chain (EMV-compatible chain), under a new name: BNB (Build n’ Build) Chain. The BNB Chain was made to bring projects and developers involved in GameFi, metaverse, and SocialFi together under the MetaFi umbrella.

The BNB Chain can support MetaFi innovation through interoperable and strong projects with multichain capabilities like KLAYMETA. To clarify, it enables developers to build ecosystems that allow seamless interaction between parallel virtual ecosystems.

KLAYMETA also needs a highly liquid network that can attract many potential customers as global marketing starts. Hence, launching first on the BNB Chain was perfect.

digital poster of the KLAYMETA BNB chain NFTs

KLAYMETA goes multi-chain with its latest addition: BNB NFTs!

What KLAYMETA Players Should Expect

According to their roadmap, the multichain support and transition to the BNB Chain will happen in October 2022. The core tasks that KLAYMETA promises to focus on during the second half of 2022 are the release of a demo version of the official game and multichain support as they look to expand their reach to more players. For players waiting on these updates, knowing what to expect is essential.

To begin with, BNB Chain exposes the KLAYMETA metaverse to on-chain P2E players. This allows players to transfer and switch their in-game assets (tokens and NFTs) as they wish. Here are some changes to watch out for:

  • $META, the utility token, is currently only available on the Katlyn network. With the multichain support, $META will be made available on the Orbit bridge to support movement from the Klaytn and BNB Chain networks. The Orbit bridge allows safe and fast conversion of tokens across chains and is easy to use. The team will provide more details on its use before launch.
  • Avatars are unique NFTs players can summon with more than 2,000 different traits and combinations from armor, background, element, and class. These avatars will become an on-chain asset and will be moveable between both networks with their bridge. It allows NFT data transfer between both networks, even though they have different protocols. This solidifies players’ ownership of assets as they can choose to summon their avatars on the Klaytn network and transfer them to become BNB Chain NFTs.


Is there anything else you should know?

After the BNB Chain launch, the avatar trading will still only happen within the KLAYMETA network. Inter-network trading between chains will become available for avatars later in the future.

Meanwhile, Meta Quest is an interesting feature too. This game mode allows players to compete by summoning and forming parties with 5 avatars in a party to collect $META. Rewards from participating in quests will be distributed between both chains at 5:5.

Another crucial benefit of going multichain is that KLAYMETA’s new fun and immersive game mode, Adventure, will be available on both chains. This way, players can enjoy the game content while moving freely between networks.

Furthermore, some contents, such as the Adventure ladder content, will act as a competitive factor between networks. Adventures are ranked by difficulty (D, C, B, A, and S) and work by registering 5 or fewer of your strongest avatars to compete and win MetaPoint (the in-game currency).


Wrapping Up

The tangible benefits of extending to the BNB Chain for KLAYMETA will result in faster adoption. After establishing themselves as a top GameFi and NFT platform on the Klaytn Network, the team aims to bring the best P2E experience to the BNB Chain. To conclude, you’d better get ready to take on a new adventure by summoning your unique avatars!

There will be more updates as the launch draws nearer. Join their Discord and Telegram channel to follow along with the updates!