KYC Required: How to Access Binance NFT’s Bixel AI Tool

Binance officially launched its new AI NFT feature, Bixel, which allows users to generate and mint up to ten NFTs per day.


  • Binance Bixel is an AI NFT generator that allows users to create custom digital artworks and have them delivered as NFTs via the BNB Smart Chain.
  • The feature was first launched as a beta test for European users, then globally. Now it’s available to the general public.
  • Bixel offers various styles and design options, and users get ten free generation chances daily, making it easy for mainstream audiences to join the web3 space.
image of an astronaut on the moon generated with Binance Bixel

Binance’s new NFT feature, Bixel, helps users generate and mint new digital assets. Credit: Binance/Bixel


What Is Binance Bixel?

In essence, Bixel is an AI NFT generator created by Binance for its users. This innovative tool allows users to create custom digital artworks and have them delivered as NFTs via the BNB Smart Chain. Its core goal is to help communities create NFTs with minimal knowledge in the field.

Surprisingly, this is, in fact, the third time Binance has shown up on the market. The feature first became available as a beta test for a few European users, generating over 10,000 NFTs in a few hours! Initially, the tool was named ‘Bicasso’, before rebranding to ‘Bixel’. The second time, on March 29th, Binance re-launched Bixel for 12 hours on a global scale, with 100,000 NFT mints.

This time, though, the feature is available for the large public, and it’s probably here to stay, Binance revealed via Twitter:

Twitter screenshot of a Binance Bixel NFT announcement

Binance confirmed that its AI NFT generator, Bixel, will be available globally from now on. Credit: Twitter

What Makes the AI NFT Generator Unique?

Of course, Bixel‘s availability for the mainstream public is a core perk. However, the feature also comes with other exciting perks as follows:

  • Variation: Using this tool, you can transform your image with various styles or improved quality; a similar feature called ‘Upscale’ can increase your image resolution with outstanding quality;
  • Choosing a design: Bixel asks every new user to choose a preferred artwork style before starting a new project. Your style of choice can vary from anime to fantasy, painting, hyperrealism, cyberpunk, and more.
  • Having ten generation chances daily: This is the most important feature. Basically, every time you create something with Bixel, you will use up a generation chance. Each user has ten free generation chances every day and they renew every day at 00:00 UTC.


How Can You Use Bixel?

One of the best parts about Binance’s Bixel is that anybody can use it. However, note that you must complete your KYC identity verification. The term stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ and it means you must share personal identification data with the platform.

‘This critical measure is in place to maintain a trustworthy and secure platform for all users, aligning with best practices and regulatory requirements’, Binance explained.

Although generating artworks with Bixel is free, users must pay a 0.008 BNB (about $2) to mint an NFT. Either way, this new feature opens the door for a mainstream audience to join the web3 space with ease.

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