Lacoste Discord Is The Latest To Be Hacked

The official Lacoste Discord is the latest big NFT community server to suffer an attack by hackers. The hack targeted Discord members by offering them the chance to see their NFT early. However, if they clicked the link, it would have given the scammers complete control of their crypto wallets. Today, the Lacoste Discord has confirmed there is no longer a threat and is investigating the incident.

Image of Lacoste Crocodile and UNDW3 text Discord

The official Lacoste Discord is the latest to suffer a major hack.

Lacoste Discord hack follows a similar pattern of scams

Lacoste, the iconic French fashion brand, has been building a presence in web3 and recently launched an NFT project, “UNDW3”. The official Lacoste Discord, with over 83 thousand members, is very active, and the scammers targeted it because of its size. 

In an announcement on the Discord this morning, the admin said – “The hacker posted a fraudulent link to a copycat of the UNDW3 website with a fake mint reveal link, where users were prompted to sign a transaction. This transferred their assets to the scammer’s wallet. Immediately upon discovering the hack, we removed all announcements and harmful accounts from the server.”

It appears as though Lacoste was following security protocol on their Discord. Although they believe one of their moderator tokens was compromised, Lacoste has promised to investigate. But, as we know, it only takes one small mistake, and the hackers are in. 

Discord continues to face attacks

It appears as though Discord is still a significant target for hackers. Because of the number of people on each server, it is an excellent way for them to target multiple people at once. Make sure always to double-check what links you are clicking. If you’re not sure it is a legitimate link, avoid it.

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