Logan Paul Sells His World of Women NFT for 200ETH to The Sandbox

This week, the renowned vlogger and actor Logan Paul made some serious profit by selling one of his World of Women NFTs to The Sandbox. Surprisingly, the digital asset was sold for a whopping 200 ETH, or about $765,000.

Basically, this translates into a profit of $535,000 for the content creator who was surprised, to say the least.

image of vlogger Logan Paul

Renowned vlogger Logan Paul made a shocking profit after The Sandbox purchased one of his World of Women NFTs. Credits: Instagram

The Sandbox now owns Logan Paul’s World of Women NFT

Accordingly, Logan Paul is a huge World of Women fan. In fact, the NFT collector owns several NFTs from the collection, although it seems that he didn’t expect to gain so much profit from one sale alone.

It’s no wonder, though. World of Women is skyrocketing to success, with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH. Moreover, many big names on the NFT market dig the project, including the Veefriends founder, Gary Vee.

Therefore, it would make sense for a group such as The Sandbox to show interest in these digital assets. This purchase happened as the giant metaverse is preparing for another LAND sale, scheduled for January 13th.

screenshot of a Logan Paul NFT announcement via Twitter

The content creator shared the great news with his social media community. Credits: Twitter

A great start for the NFT collector

Logan Paul may not have the biggest fortune in terms of NFTs, but he definitely has an impressive collection. In 2021, the content creator seems to have spent more than $2.645 million on NFTs. So far, he has accumulated over 139 NFTs, including an outstanding White Grumpy Genesis Mooncat NFT valued at over $522,000.

In summary, 2022 seems to have had a great start for Logan Paul thanks to his World of Women NFT sale to the Sandbox.

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