About Danny Cole’s Creature World NFT

Creature World NFT Collection by Danny Cole already started with a bang. Now, as firm cult-favorites, this NFT Collection has the coolest merch and a dedicated community. But what is Creature World NFT? Who Created creature world, and where can you buy an NFT from the collection? Don’t worry, we’re here to tale you through everything you need to know and leave no stone unturned.

Creature World NFT

The Creature’s first magazine cover. Credit: @creatureNFT

What is Creature World NFT?

The Creature World NFT collection brings us to a nearby magical dimension of love, divine intervention, and possibilities.  In short, 10k unique NFT Creatures to guide the owners through this journey of discovery. Each NFT serves as a ticket to enter Creature World, where the artwork will develop and update based on each decision you make.

Who Created Creature World? Meet Danny Cole:

The Creature World NFT Collection was created by New York based artist, Danny Cole.. The American painter and interdisciplinary artist has been drawing since he was young. Drawing allowed him to find solace and understanding in his imaginary world when feeling isolated or unsociable.

DANNY COLE CREATURE WORLD NFTDanny Cole in front of the painting he said was the hardest

Prior to Creature World, Danny shared his art on the street, in art shows, Coachella, and even directed an animated music video. At 22 years old, his accomplishments are very impressive, to say the least. Plus, Gary Vee named Danny Cole as one of the best contemporary artists in years to come.

How Expensive Are They?

At the time of writing, the Creature World NFT collection on OpenSea has a floor price of 0.525 ETH. To date, there has been a total volume of 35k ETH changing hands already. There are also 6.2k Creature owners, ready to embark on this journey. Some might feel that the floor price of the project is a tad underwhelming. However, Danny is confident in the long-term vision of the project and will let the ultimate floor price prove it.

Creature World Roadmap

Danny assures that there is an extensive roadmap that covers several years but prefers to let every project be a surprise to the community. However, so far they dropped some great NFT branded merch and keep their community tight knit.

The team also launched The Travelling Creature project. There are 5 Travelling Creatures that were randomly dropped into several wallets. Users then had 2 hours to pass it to another owner, or else it was ‘yoinked’ from the wallet and sent to another random owner on the waitlist. Every time someone sent the Travelling Creature on, they would receive an NFT. As a result, this new NFT’s traits would be a  combination of the sender and the recipient’s Creature.

Check out Danny Cole on twitter . Plus, check out Creature World on their website too.

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