Love Cool Cats? The cutest new NFT project has got to be Coolman’s Universe

It’s about time you check out Coolman’s Universe, one of the cutest PFP NFTs available today. The project is built around Spesh, a cat-like character that travels through the universe with a surfboard and a compass. There are 10,000 Speshies surfing the universe right now, and will only ever be 10,000 Speshies.

The creator

Danny Casale (@coolcoffeedan) is an artist based in Los Angeles. He has been drawing cool characters for as long as he can remember, using them to tell stories and make people smile. These simple messages of love and support was first manifested in his YouTube channel featuring simple animated artwork. Danny hopes that people will feel like they learn something, be reminded of something, or maybe even turn around their day.

His first viral video, SNAKES HAVE LEGS is a simple message to educate people about fake news. It doesn’t have high quality graphics, it’s simple, it’s meaningful, and people love it. Sure enough, the video spread across nations, languages, and culture, where even school teachers were showing it to their students.

Coolman’s Universe Roadmap

Similarly, Coolman’s Universe has a message that is more important than the art itself. The project circles around positivity and mental health through Spesh. Danny already released his book entitled “UR Special: Advice for Humans!”. The book is really meaningful with life lessons and the artwork features cute little Speshies.

Currently, all 10,000 Speshies have been minted and sold out to 5.2k owners. You can still get your hands on one of these darlings on OpenSea. At the time of writing, the floor price sits at 0.909 ETH with 6.3k ETH traded already.

The next step will be to integrate the NFTs into the 3 distinct worlds: Donut World, Dino World, and Wall Street Wasteland. As usual, all these virtual environments carry their respective meanings.

For instance, Dino World depicts an era before crypto (BC), featuring dinosaurs and bony terrains. Whereas Wall Street Wasteland depicts a once dominant force that is falling into obscurity, featuring empty offices and hollow streets.

1 of the 3 worlds in Coolman's Universe

Donut World, a planet of endless sweets. Credit: Coolman’s Universe

Although Coolman’s Universe merchandise is scheduled further down the roadmap, we are already seeing some apparel in recent giveaway events. In addition, the team is working on various partnerships and collaborations. For instance, the team subtly announced their upcoming partnership with Crocs. In a recent conversation on Twitter Spaces, Danny also mentioned that they will reveal more projects soon.

Coolman's Universe Crocs partnership

Spesh rocking Crocs! Credit: @CoolmanUniverse

Mutant Cats DAO

Coolman’s Universe is also part of the Mutant Cats DAO. This project purchases various big name NFTs, fractionalize them, and distribute them to the holders. The DAO vault has an extensive collection that includes BAYC, MAYC, Cool Cats, CyberKong, and many more.

Interested? Go ahead and surf around Coolman’s Universe. You might just find THE ONE.

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