Love yourself a Shiba Inu? Check out The Doge Pound NFT Collectibles!

The Doge Pound NFTs

The Doge Pound is a collection of 10,000 unique Doge NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each artwork is unique and designed with various permutations and combinations of features. According to the founders, the project combines the love of dogs with an already thriving dogecoin (a crypto meme coin) community. 

Even Tesla Founder Elon Musk ​​seemingly enjoys engaging with the meme coin community. The Doge Pound NFT Collectibles play on this by mentioning on the website that “Professor Elon carefully and specifically chose the Doge NFTs.”

The Doge Pound NFTs

A close look at the most iconic and eye-catching Doge Pound NFTs. Credit: Medium

Fancy a Shiba Inu NFT from the Doge Pound Collectibles?

 Popular NFT Artist Crypto Babe drew each of the art pieces. So each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked, and impeccably shaped. Moreover, each Doge Pound has been constructed algorithmically. This means that the program mixed various properties with different possibilities in the following categories: Background, Clothing, Earring, Eyes, Eyewear, Mouth, Fur, and Hat.

The NFT Collection prominently features and uses as base Crypto’s favorite dog: Shiba Inu. After all, the Doge meme from 2010 featuring a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu inspired the creation of the meme coin DogeCoin. Recently, the meme was sold as an NFT  for an eye-watering $4 Million.

As of press time,  the price to mint one of these funky NFTs is 0.85 ETH per piece or almost $3000. Moreover, the lifetime tradeable value of the Collection on OpenSea is now at $11,8000 ETH or around $42 Million. 

Holding the Doge NFT token grants the owner creative and commercial rights as well as inclusion in “the gang.” Furthermore, you’ll be able to mint one of the 10,000 Doge Pound Puppies NFT Collection. The distribution is 1:1 and an exclusive treat for OG Doge Holders. The cheapest Doge Pound Puppy on the market is trading for .22 ETH or $783, so this Companion NFT nice treat for the early supporters. 

Partnerships and Airdrops

The project has focused its energy on convincing some of the top NFT influencers to join the Doge community. So far, they got the nod of approval of Tony Spark, the second-largest holder of fast-rising Collectible BAYC.  Thus, cross-community campaigns through NFT airdrops are working well in terms of brand building. 

For example, all Dogecoin Unishiba holders received a unique Doge Pound NFT. Then, play-to-earn game Polychain Monsters airdropped 1 $PMON, its native token, to every The Doge Pound NFT  holder on Binance Smart Chain in return. 

The Doge Pound Airdrop

The NFT Collectible is using airdrops to build the brand further. Credit: Polychain Monsters

The Challenge to Create Utility

On September 14, the project tweeted that the “Doge Pound Utility is just getting started.”

The challenge for every Collectible project in order to have staying power is to create utilities for the NFTs. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a master of this, leveraging immersive and engaging “club” activities for its holders.

According to the project’s website, the team is already busy getting the Doges ready for the Metaverse. The project also confirmed that they are already testing a fun concept. This will allow users to play a casual game Pokemon Go-Style for a chance to collect dog treats and win an NFT.  The team is moving swiftly because the DEMO will be out in two weeks!

So make sure you stay in the loop by following the project on Twitter!

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