Mad Dog Jones: Multidisciplinary Artist Selling Millions on a Single Drop

Mad Dog Jones NFT Artworks

Mad Dog Jones, also known as Michah Dowbak, is the top Canadian NFT artist who raked in millions on a single NFT drop. The multidisciplinary artist collaborated with an auction house and released high-profile commissioned pieces. Dowbak has had a growing following jumpstarted by his platinum hit selling music career and art collabs with Maroon 5, Run the jewels, Deadmau5 and Jabbawockeez. 

Mad Dog Jones NFT Artworks compilation collage

Mad Dog Jones is a Multidisciplinary artist leading Crypto Art Revolution. Credit: Instagram (

Signature Style and Career Highlights

Michah Dowbak’s style prominently displays a blend of eclectic influences from Japanese animation, SF film, and cyberpunk mixed with the natural world. This is because top Canadian NFT artist, Mad Dog Jones, grew up surrounded by the Wilderness in rural Canada. 

Mad Dog Jones NFT on Nifty Gateway laundromat laundry machines cats and mountains

His sold our collection features his signature CryptoPunk Metropolitan with chill lo-fi vibes. Credit: Instagram (

Michah Dowbak pulled in a record-breaking 4 Million Sales on a single drop on Nifty Gateway in February. The artworks feature his signature CryptoPunk Metropolitan with chill lo-fi vibes. Despite price points being raised compared to previous drops, collectors still turned out and were happy to shell out $2500 and $5000 for his pieces. Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton also commisioned him to create the helmet artwork for his Silverstone race this year. 

Apart from his supreme art, Mad Dog Jones is also being praised for the way he is engaging his market and community of collectors. A concrete example is what he did with his Crash + Burn series. 

Originally in November, he put out a series of work. They were an edition of a hundred and he sold them for a dollar. Then, in February, during the Crash + Burn NFT Drop, he offered those early collectors the opportunity to trade in five of them for unique work. However, once traded, the pieces were burned. Thus, immediately he was making the art more scarce and thus increasing their value and regarding his early collectors.

Partnership with Phillips

Mad Dog Jones is also working on a first-of-its-kind NFT Project with Phillips. The contemporary auction house uses cutting-edge technology in its offerings. Moreover, it has also exemplified being forward-thinking in choosing the right artists to feature in its auctions. Thus, the partnership with Mad Dog Jones is an extension of that Ethos. 

Mad Dog Jones NFT Replicator 2021 with Phillips is a multi-generational NFT and it’s unlike anything of its kind. It produces new artworks every 28 days.  The Genesis piece produced six-generation two NFTs, at a rate of approximately one per month. Each subsequent generation will produce one less artwork than the prior generation. Production will stop upon reaching Generation 7. 

Mad Dog Jones Replicator NFT with Phillips Photocopying Machine

Mad Dog Jones, top Canadian NFT artist, is working with Phillips Auction house on a multi-generational NFT Project. Credit: Instagram (

True to its form, it’s a photocopier so the Replicator can jam. “Jams” come in the form of unique artworks. Each unique generation may have up to 3 unique jams which cause a generation to stop replicating and curbs exponential growth. So safe to say that the team didn’t predetermine the results because statistical variance makes it impossible to do a prediction. However, after around a million simulations, the average is around 220. 

Mad Dog Jones on NFTs

In Conclusion, Mad dog Jones is encouraging other artists not to succumb to FOMO. He advises not to release art just for the sake of releasing art. He says artists should believe that “the space will exist in  6 months – 10 years.” He added that “‘Brand and Reputation will always be worth more in the long run. If you’re in this space to stay, quality, kindness and respecting your collectors is the most stable path. Be yourself and be a trend-setter; chasing the success of others is a sure-fire way to fade away.”

Artist Mad Dog Jones michah dowbak in his gallery

Michah Dowbak’s advice to aspiring NFT artists is to focus on quality and do not rush the process. Credit: Instagram (



In October of 2021, Mad Dog Jones released another NFT. This time, it was a completely unique one of one to honor the digital Art Fair in Asia . Clearly, we’re going to see his name for a long time in this space. Plus, with his inspiring words for new artists in the scene, we hope so.

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