Marius Sperlich: Renowned Photographer Brings His Provocative Art to NFT Space

Berlin-based photographer Marius Sperlich is famous for his sensual and “NSFW”  artworks depicting the human body. Amid the growing popularity of NFT art, Sperlich brought his works to the space early this year. NFT photography is still yet to take off. However, love for the NSFW NFT collection has highlighted him as a top NFT artist.

“Sperlich tells stories on the human body, closeup and personal he invites you into a world that will subvert your expectations, challenging societal norms and commenting on urgent contemporary topics,” notes Nifty Gateway.  

Artwork by Marius Sperlich

Marius Sperlich is known for his striking and provocative pieces. Credits: Marius Sperlich/Twitter

Marius Sperlich’s NSFW NFT Collection

The 29-year-old German artist reinterprets the human body as a canvas to create unique miniature scenes. All the miniatures are real and specifically built to suit his themes, and don’t involve photoshop. His unique style, combined with his commentary on contemporary issues, has garnered him a huge fan following – nearly 600 million on Instagram alone. 

He has collaborated with various brands, including Playboy, for which he styled and photographed the 65th-anniversary issue cover.

The interactive portrait called “Likes=Money” is one of his famous works. Displayed at Art Basel, Miami in 2019, the artwork’s price was based on the number of likes the post received on Instagram in 24 hours. 

Sperlich: Photographer turned top NFT Artist

Sperlich dropped his debut NFTs on Nifty Gateway in March this year. The collection is titled ‘you only loved me when we were high’. 

An NFT by Marius Sperlich

‘You only loved me when we were high’ by Marius Sperlich. Credits: OpenSea

His signature provocative art style is prevalent in his NFTs as well, proving his potential as a top NFT artist. For instance, some of the NFTs, called ‘Ecstasy Crypto’ features Bitcoin (BTC) as a drug. Another piece of his NFT photography currently up for sale shows a close up of a woman’s face, with smoke coming out of her mouth. ‘You only loved me when we were high’ is painted across her face.

You can find Sperlich’s work on his Twitter and Instagram.

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