Market Bleeds Out With $500M Liquidations; Crypto Enthusiasts Realize Why DTX Presale Continues To Rise

Market Bleeds Out With $500M Liquidations; Crypto Enthusiasts Realize Why DTX Presale Continues To Rise

All the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap were trading in the red, except XRP, which registered a meager 0.6% gain. With this dip, $414M worth of longs and $61M worth of shorts liquidated.

Amid these challenges, the DTX presale is attracting investor interest with its potential for high returns, innovative technology behind the project, and the credibility of its development team. Investors are flocking to this presale token, eyeing the guaranteed high returns.

Nearly $500M in Liquidations as BTC Dumped to $64K 

If you thought roller coasters were reserved for amusement parks, think again. The crypto market treated traders to a wild ride, with Bitcoin leading the charge. 

On Monday, 17 June 2024, BTC plunged to a new monthly low of $64,000. As usual, Altcoins followed suit, resulting in a bloodbath for traders. Over the weekend, Bitcoin had been relatively quiet, hovering around $66,000, but June 17 brought a sudden shift. 

BTC surged by 1.82%, from $67.2K to $68.42K, only to be swiftly knocked off its pedestal. In minutes, BTC plummeted by over three grand, hitting $64K, its lowest since May 15.

Ethereum dipped by 3.09%, from $3,635.8 to $3,464. Other tokens like NEAR, Uniswap, Polygon, and Filecoin also bled red. The altcoins mirrored BTC’s turbulence as top meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin dipped by 7.74% and 6.05%, respectively. 

Over 190,000 over-leveraged traders were wrecked within a single day, and the total value of liquidated positions soared above $480 million. 

The most significant individual liquidation occurred on Binance, involving the ETH/USDC trading pair—a staggering $6.44 million was instantly wiped out. As the crypto market slowly recovers, investors are transitioning to DTX, eyeing the enticing returns in the upcoming presale.

DTX is Poised for a Significant Leap  

DTX Exchange offers extensive trading options and confidentiality. It boasts more than 120,000 assets. The platform provides unparalleled versatility and confidentiality and caters to investors seeking extensive trading options. 

DTX Exchange’s unique leverage allows users to amplify their investments up to 1000x. Moreover, investors enjoy reduced transaction fees and can participate in the platform’s governance through voting. 

Beyond its robust trading features, DTX Exchange is currently running an enticing presale promotion. Investors who hold a minimum of $100 worth of DTX tokens stand a chance to win a share in a $1 million giveaway. 

Looking ahead, the value of DTX tokens shows promising growth potential. Currently priced at $0.04, the token is expected to rise to $0.06 during the third phase of the presale, translating to an attractive 50% return for early adopters. 

The upcoming DTX presale allows investors to pick up broken pieces following the recent crypto crash. For those seeking significant returns in the cryptocurrency space, DTX should be a prime choice. 

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