Discord Tool MEE6 Drops a Token and NFT Collection


MEE6, a Discord bot that is used in over 16 million servers, is releasing an NFT collection titled ‘MEE6 NFT’. The collection will be of 10,000 on-chain, randomly generated avatars. Also, they plan to launch the MEE6 NFT marketplace in the future, where holders will get a percentage of transaction fees in the $MEE6 token.


MEE6 has launched its own NFT collection after becoming one of the biggest Discord bots. Credit: MEE6.

About the Mee6 NFT Collection

MEE6 is launching a 10,000-piece NFT avatar collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs are entirely on-chain and will be randomly generated by the smart contract during minting. Notably, the team has partnered up with ‘One Tree Planted’ and will be making a donation to offset the CO2 footprint of the NFT collection and make it carbon positive.

Later down the line, the project plans to launch a community token and related platform that’ll allow community members to buy and sell the $MEE6 token. Each NFT owner will get a substantial portion of free $MEE6 tokens when the platform will be released.

So far, the NFT collection has 6,000+ followers on Twitter and another 14,000 Discord members. The original bot already has a large audience, gaining that by being one of the first, and most popular Discord bots trusted by 16 million server owners.

Launch Details

The public sale of the 10,000-item collection dropped on May 2022. MEE6 Avatars NFTs are only the first step in their mission to help communities thrive thanks to blockchain technology.

They aim to develop a Community Token Platform that’ll allow any community to launch their own token. This token is available to community members who buy and trade on the Community Token Decentralized Exchange.

Mee6: One of the Most Used Discord Bots

MEE6 is a Discord role bot that allows users to self-assign roles by using Discord reactions. By using the bot, the role generator will automatically update permissions for users in Discord. This allows users to access certain channels on any given server. Beyond this, the bot also offers moderation within servers, custom commands and Twitch/YouTube/Twitter alerts.

Since its initial release in 2016 as one of the first Discord bots, the bot has been used by 16 million+ servers on the platform.

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