Meet Artist Trevor Andrew, Whose First NFT Collection Sold Out in 12 Seconds

Trevor Andrew, a.k.a “Trouble Andrew” or “GucciGhost”, is a renowned artist in the crypto art space, whose works explore popular consumer culture. An athlete turned multi-disciplinary artist, Andrew is based in Los Angeles. He has exhibited his fine art at galleries across the world, including The Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, Deitch Projects in New York, and Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles.

His first NFT collection dropped on Nifty Gateway in November last year and was a huge success. In fact, according to OceanDrive, it sold out in 12 seconds. Called “Nifty Ghost Collection”, it sold for a price range of $250 to $5,100.

Artist Trevor Andrew

Los Angeles-based artist Trevor Andrew. Credits: Trevor Andrew/Instagram

GucciGhost by Trevor Andrew

Andrew shot to fame after he created the iconic “GucciGhost”, where he used fashion house Gucci’s logo on graffiti art and other works. However, rather than suing him for using the logo without permission, the brand entered into a partnership with the artist. Soon, he was co-designing pieces for Gucci’s runway show and flagship events.

“Gucci Ghost originated when I was making music,” he was quoted by OceanDrive. “At the time, I utilized visual art to bring attention to the music I was putting out into the street and I took photos and manipulated them onto digital platforms—trying to extract a bit of power from the brand to reimagine it and interpret the way I saw the logo.”


Andrew’s GucciGhost artworks brought him much acclaim. Credits: Trevor Andrew/Instagram

Other notable NFTs 

Since his NFT debut, Andrew has sold numerous NFTs. A notable one is “Shit Is Gold”, a gold toilet, which sold for $108,888. Some of the other works include ‘It’s Raining Gucci’, ‘I’ll Buy That For A Dollar’, and ‘Can’t kill a ghost’. 

His most recent collection, ‘’Dreams of Guccighost’, dropped on Nifty early this month. All the NFTs in the collection are sold out, with some fetching up to $6,550. 

You can find Andrew’s work on his website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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