Meet Revomon: The Nostalgic Pokémon VR Game On The Blockchain

The Revomon VR game might just be the metaverse experience that’s perfect to satisfy your Pokémon nostalgia! Indeed the online metaverse has some of the best features from the classic monster-catching game. However, Revomon gives players an amazing virtual reality (VR) experience in the metaverse powered by NFTs.

Let’s learn more about Revomon’s exciting VR game.

Two Pokémon VR Revomon avatars on a poster

Inspired by Pokémon, Revomon claims to be the first collectible monster metaverse in VR. Credit: Revomon

Revomon – a Pokémon VR game for the metaverse

Like the classic game Pokémon that inspires it, Revomon is a portmanteau that stands for “Revolution Monsters”. The gameplay for Revomon revolves around players, known as “Revomon Tamers”, who travel around the Revomon metaverse. In this world, they get to collect wild Revomon, train them, and battle other Tamers – all while earning tokens. And best of all, players get to do all this in virtual reality. In other words, it’s a lot like playing Pokémon in VR!

What’s more, there’s even extensive lore behind the Revomon experience that speaks to the world that the team has created. Some of which is laid out in the Revomon whitepaper:

“Revomon crashed to Earth long before the evolution of humanity into the planet’s dominant force. As time passed, however, these creatures were forced to adapt to the presence of humanity. As this change occurred, Revomon Tamers managed to bring great benefits to the human race by harnessing the incredible power of the monsters. Many mysteries still remain around the magical capabilities of the Revomon, as it seems that Tamers have only just begun to understand their true power.”

Revomon also separates the humans in its world into three factions. To list these are Scientists, The Secret Society, and The Anarchists. To sum up, simply, Scientists look to study the Revomon; The Secret Society wants to use Revomon to profit, and The Anarchists want to use Revomon to help return the world to a state where humans and Revomon are equal.

Two Revomon avatars wearing crowns

Revomon combines Axie Infinity and Pokémon in a VR metaverse environment. Credit: Revomon

Nostalgia, VR, P2E, and the metaverse collide in this expansive online world

Without a doubt, the most exciting thing about Revomon that sets it apart from other play-to-earn blockchain games is its VR metaverse. To that end, Revomon actually claims the title of being the first collectible monster metaverse in VR.

Revomon tamers will get to train their Revomon in a first-person environment in VR. Of course, they will also be able to explore and interact with the VR world. In addition, the game uses motions primed for VR experiences like grabbing, throwing, shooting, and free movement. Tamers will also have a VR slingshot which they can use to throw energy balls at Revomon to catch or release them.

As noted above, Revomon has a P2E component to it. In other words, players will be able to earn the $REVO token for playing the game. They can then use this token to trade for Revomon and other items on the metaverse’s marketplace dapp.
All in all, Revomon takes the basic idea behind one of the most popular game franchises of all time and brings in Web3 features to make it a well fleshed out metaverse gaming experience. As a matter of fact, Revomon describes itself as a cross between Axie Infinity and Pokémon. With that said, it certainly seems like Revomon has all the features to be a hugely popular metaverse game.

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