Meet The Bitverse: An Exciting Gaming Blockchain Universe!

The Bitverse logo

Kongregate has officially announced the Bitverse – a collection of exciting web3 games in a nostalgic, 8-bit universe!

The Bitverse is an extension of the popular RPG dungeon crawler Bit Heroes. Developed in 2016 with over 14 million installs and a devoted fan base of loyal players, Bit Heroes continues to be a successful franchise for Kongregate. Now, with the introduction of the Bitverse – they plan to expand into other genres and games for years to come.

The Bitverse logo

This colossal gaming universe was created by leading game developer, Kongregate!

Welcome to the BitVerse!

Created by a team of pioneering blockchain game developers at Kongregate – who has over 15 years experience in the gaming industry – the Bitverse is a vast universe of interconnected core games, set in the Bitverse world. Each game features the classic 8-bit nostalgia of classic retro-style games, but set against the backdrop of other genres you know and love.

In the Bitverse, you’ll use your Hero NFTs to explore, battle, and compete across this fabulous, custom-built world. The Bitverse features a combination of fungible and NFT items for players to collect and earn. The goal of this project is to reward NFT owners for engaging across the entire metaverse of the Bitverse, no matter which game you play!

The Bitverse games!

Kongregate has confirmed they will release three games at launch: Bit Heroes Quest, and Bit Heroes Arena, and Bit Heroes Runner. Four more games are planned for 2023.

  • Bit Heroes Quest is a top-down dungeon crawler with PvE & PvP elements. Explore and battle your way through a vast open world inspired by your favorite 8-bit & 16-bit dungeon heroes and monsters.
  • Bit Heroes Arena is a fast-paced PvP/PvE battle royale that pits you against 80 other people in a fast-paced combat for survival! Loot up and fight across a 16-bit fantasy world of dungeons and danger.
  • Bit Heroes Runner is a side-scrolling race to the finish line! Escape ferocious monsters that chase you through multi-level adventures with all your loot and limbs intact.

More games are currently in development, so expect more news about the ever-expanding Bitverse soon!


Image of The Bitverse logo

There are three games confirmed for 2022, with plans for at least 4 in 2023!

The Bitverse Heroes NFTs

In total, 13,600 of The Bitverse Heroes will be released in 2022. However, right now, during the presale, there are 2,500. The Gen 0 Bitverse Heroes NFTs are ready to fight monsters across the metaverse right now! Select your champion and help restore order and peace to the Bitverse!

Players can purchase four different kinds of Portals which are stored in their Inventory. A Portal is an NFT that you buy that will serve as the gateway for summoning your Bitverse Hero.


Once you purchase your Portal, you will have the opportunity to “open” it and receive your Bitverse Hero NFT. Other projects may refer to Portals as “packs”, but we thought pack sounded too boring and besides, who would want the job of shoving a bunch of Heroes inside packaging?

  • Prices start at $99 for a Common Portal. 
  • Rare Portals are $349
  • Epic Portals are $649
  • Legendary Portals are $1,199.
pixel character and a tree

The Gen 0 collection of Bitverse Heroes consists of 2,500 NFTs!

You can now sign up to the allowlist via  website. Doing so will give you access to the presale on the 22nd of September! This is a fair and random process, so everyone has a chance to join the incredible Bitverse ecosystem. Finally, don’t forget that these NFTs are playable across all of The Bitverse games! To find out more, join the growing Discord Community, or follow them on Twitter!