Memeland’s NFTs Surge in Trading Volume as Token Launch Nears

An illustration for the Memeland NFT ecosystem.

Memeland, a venture supported by 9Gag, doesn’t seem to care about the bear market. The impending launch of the MEME token acted as a catalyst for a significant surge in Memeland’s NFTs. Notably, the Captainz collection saw a dramatic 365% increase in trading volume. All within a single day following the token launch announcement.


  • Memeland, backed by 9Gag, launches the MEME token. That led to a 365% surge in the trading volume of its Captainz NFT collection.
  • The token launch strategically aligns with the shifting regulatory landscapes globally, with Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly environment providing a significant advantage for Memeland.
  • Memeland’s NFTs, including the Captainz and Potatoz collections, are expected to experience substantial value and liquidity shifts.
An illustration for the Memeland NFT ecosystem.

The Memeland NFT ecosystem is ready to launch.

What is the Memeland NFT Ecosystem?

The introduction of the MEME token was teased on Twitter by 9GAGCEO, CEO of 9GAG, on Monday. The token is designed to establish a unique ecosystem, seamlessly merging Memeland’s NFTs.

Strategically timed, Memeland’s token launch aligns with the shifting global regulatory landscapes. While the U.S. is grappling with regulatory uncertainties, Hong Kong is forging ahead, fostering a crypto-friendly environment. Consequently, this provides Memeland with a significant advantage. It contributes to its potential as a sustainable player in the NFT market.

Even before MEME’s official unveiling, the influence of Memeland’s token was felt on the platform’s trading activities. For instance, Memeland’s NFTs, including Captainz and Potatoz, experienced notable trading volume fluctuations.

CaptainZ and Potatoz’s NFT on the Rise

According to DappRadar NFT tracking, the Captainz NFT collection recorded an impressive trading volume surge on June 8. It generated $1.15 million, marking a 365% increase within a day. Meanwhile, Potatoz’s trading volume peaked later, on June 10, reaching over $244,000.

In addition, unclaimed waitlist codes attached to Potatoz and Captainz NFTs contributed to the sustainment of their floor prices. These codes offer an extra incentive for potential buyers. 

Furthermore, Memeland’s NFTs are at the core of the platform’s unique social staking mechanism. Moving forward, Memeland’s strategic measures—from the timing of its token launch to its social staking mechanisms—are setting it apart in the NFT landscape.

In conclusion, with an impending token launch, a flexible response to regulatory shifts, and unique trading dynamics, Memeland is becoming a game-changer in the NFT ecosystem. 

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