Menswear Brand Psycho Bunny Drops NFTs by Famous Street Artist

Psycho Bunny NFTs

Menswear brand Psycho Bunny makes its debut appearance in the metaverse through their collaboration with street artist Buff Monster. The brand issued two back-to-back releases of 100 limited edition NFTs, followed by 5 unique NFTs.

Psycho Bunny joins the long list of clothing brands to embrace Web3 technologies. Furthermore, this move reinforces the brand’s mission of furthering the creative economy and supporting independent artists.

Psycho Bunny NFTs

Psycho Bunny NFTs, designed by Buff Monster.

Buff Bunny 100 mints out in 48 hours

New York City street artist, Buff Monster, reimagined Psycho Bunny’s unconventional logo with his distinct style and creative use of colors. Speaking on the collaboration, Buff Monster said: 

In this case, I explored a ton of ideas because as simple as their logo is, there are so many ways to use my visual language to reinterpret it. And I pushed the ideas even further for the six additional NFTs in the collection.”

Furthermore, the limited edition Psycho Bunny NFTs Buff Bunny 100 minted for a fixed price of 0.04 ETH. The entire 100 sold out almost immediately (within 48 hours). Following this, the unique one-of-one edition (named Buff Bunny 5) is set to mint at 0.1 ETH. These NFTs are due to mint in approximately three days.

About Psycho Bunny

Since its launch in 2005, Psycho Bunny’s quality and encouragement of proper self-expression through fashion speaks for itself. Founded in New York City with its headquarters in Montreal, the brand redefines classic clothing. Via the Psycho Bunny website and in physical stores, customers get access to a wide range of quality polos and clothing for men and kids.

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