MetaMansion: Playboy Steps Into The Sandbox Metaverse

Playboy x The Sandbox MetaMansion

Finally, Playboy has revealed that its MetaMansion virtual experience will come courtesy of The Sandbox. The legendary magazine company announced today that The Sandbox will be the official home of the Playboy MetaMansion. Significantly, Playboy first teased its MetaMansion when it launched its Rabbitar NFT collection in the fall of 2021.

Playboy x The Sandbox MetaMansion

Playboy has partnered with The Sandbox to launch its long-teased virtual Playboy “MetaMansion”. Credit: Playboy

All about the Playboy x The Sandbox MetaMansion

Playboy first hinted that it would build a virtual version of the infamous Playboy Mansion when it launched its collection of Rabbitar NFTs in October 2021. Well, today the company officially made good on its promise with a teaser video it put out earlier today.

To sum up, Playboy imagines that its MetaMansion will be an immersive, social interactive game in The Sandbox. In addition, there will also be event programming, NFT releases, and more.

Of course, all of Playboy’s activations in The Sandbox take inspiration from the magazine’s 70-year history, as well as its content library and art collection. Most importantly, the long list of iconic events hosted at the Playboy Mansion.

Notably, people with Rabbitar NFTs will get special utility when it comes to the Playboy MetaMansion in The Sandbox. For example, Rabbitar holders will have special VIP access to experiences, quests, giveaways, and more. What’s more, Rabbitar holders will be able to help shape the future of MetaMansion.

Playboy The Sandbox MetaMansion promo video still

Voxelized Playboy Bunnies welcome viewers to the Sandbox MetaMansion in an intro video. Credit: Playboy

What’s next for Playboy’s Mansion in the Metaverse?

To stir up some excitement for the project, Playboy now has its very own “Playboy MetaMansion” channel in The Sandbox Discord.

Notably, Rabbitar holders will be able to verify their NFT in order to get a “Playboy Rabbitar” role. Thus, they’ll be eligible for special access, giveaways, and other benefits in the future. Lastly, there will be updates on the MetaMansion in both the Playboy Discord server and the Playboy channel in The Sandbox server.

Another key point is that Playboy stopped short of giving any dates. However, it will work with The Sandbox to share updates on the timeline for MetaMansion experiences. This even includes when Playboy LAND will be unveiled.

All in all, this partnership marks a major step forward for Playboy into the metaverse. Not to mention that it now joins the ranks of established brands that have set up shop in The Sandbox. For example, there’s the case of another iconic American magazine – TIME. The magazine’s web3 branch is working with The Sandbox to create a virtual TIME Square.

Other previous Sandbox partners include Ledger, HSBC, and NFTs’ favorite celebrity, Snoop Dogg.

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