MetaMask Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary With Insider Information

Image of the MetaMask timeline data

MetaMask celebrates its 6th anniversary by releasing interesting data on its users and exclusive insight into its origin story to celebrate the event. Now enjoying status as one of the world leaders in cryptocurrency wallets, they are releasing this insider data for the first time. It is also releasing figures and statistics linking to growth worldwide, key market trends and plans for the future.

Image of the MetaMask timeline data

MetaMask has released data and insider information to celebrate its 6th anniversary.

MetaMask share data for their anniversary

The Metamask anniversary statement showed a 6-digit growth and strategic update to the market. To explain, MetaMask has a six-figure number of monthly active users (MAUs). In March 2022, MetaMask had 30 million MAUs.

MetaMask believes this success is due to several reasons. In their own words, they said, “The growth of the last two years can be attributed to the frenzy of interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps, NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn games, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and metaverse worlds.”

What does the MetaMask anniversary data tell us?

Countries starting to use web3 and are the fastest growing include Morroco, the United Arab Emirates, China and Turkey. The MetaMask data also shows that the United States leads the way in NFT, DeFi and blockchain gaming. Interestingly, the other top two countries are Brazil and the Philippines.

Image of MetaMask Anniversary chart showing top 25 countries using the wallet.

The Top 25 countries using the MetaMask wallet have some interesting surprises. USA, Brazil and the Philippines make up the top three.

There is also a timeline of MetaMask’s triumphs, from its beginnings to the current time. Some of the milestones are the first hardware integration in 2018 and the launch of MetaMask mobile in 2020. 

What is Metamask?

Created in July 2016 by developers Dan Finlay and Aaron Davies, MetaMask is a ConsenSys product. Over the past six years, it has seen tremendous growth. As one of the world’s biggest self-custodial wallets, it is a massive part of cryptocurrency and NFT culture. Basically, it is a leading mobile app and browser extension wallet. Moreover, you can use it to store currencies, Defi, Dapps and NFTs. Now, as MetaMask marks its sixth anniversary, they are looking at how the data they use will shape their vision.

Image from MetaMask data showing top sources of activity on the wallet

The MetaMask Anniversary data shows the top sources of activity by country.

About Snaps

Snaps is a new system that allows people to expand on the capabilities of MetaMask safely. The software was first announced in 2019 and launched successfully in January this year. A snap is a program that runs in an isolated environment, which allows customization of the wallet. It will enable people to build on top of MetaMask, without direct support from the MetaMask team in a safe manner. 

Some ways that users can change the MetaMask experience include Snaps that add new APIs to MetaMask, support for other blockchain protocols and much more.

The future of the MetaMask Wallet beyond their anniversary

Snaps is game-changing for MetaMask, and they see it as the wallet’s future. So far, over 600 developers have interacted with Snaps since its launch. Celebrating the MetaMask anniversary, they have released a list of Snaps now in use.  

Some of the most popular Snaps so far are:

  • Filecoin Snap (by Protocol Labs and Chainsafe): This allows the Filecoin network inside MetaMask, improving Dapp integration.
  • Bitcoin Snap (by Keystone): Provides direct control of Bitcoin inside MetaMask.
  • ArSnap (by Pianity): Extends MetaMask’s ability to support Arweave and more.
  • StarkNet Snap (by ConsenSys/Starkware): This allows developers to use StarkNet accounts, also make trades and communicate with StarkNet smart contracts.

Finally, the future looks promising for the giant crypto wallet specialists. The MetaMask anniversary information provides an insight into their background and how it might look in another six years.

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