Mfers at…Lowe’s?

The notable NFT project mfers has further achieved meme status and is now featured on a major retailer’s website. How and why did this collab happen? 


  • Lowe’s introduces a garden flag featuring characters from the mfers NFT project.
  • Priced at $39.98, the flag ties to a replica NFT and limits the availability to 1,000 units. Thus, offering collectors a unique opportunity.
  • The mfers project, born from meme culture and transferred to the community in 2022. Therefore, it has achieved significant sales and inspired the creation of Total Marketing Web3 (TM3) for future collaborations and merchandise expansion.
Still from Mfers NFT

Lowe’s Garden Flag Featuring Characters From The Mfers NFT Project

Mfers NFT x Lowe’s: From Memes to Gardens

Significantly, this week, Lowe’s, the large home improvement retailer, took a step forward by introducing a garden flag with characters from the mfers NFT project. These NFTs fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which means anyone can use them to create commercial goods. Mfers, created by anonymous artist Sartoshi, showcases hand-drawn characters inspired by the infamous “Are ya winning, son?” meme. Sartoshi transferred the project’s smart contract and ownership to the community in June 2022.

Stephen Thompson and his brother-in-law Matthew Varnell saw this opportunity and established Total Marketing Web3 (TM3). The Evergreen Siezenals garden flag, is 1 foot wide by 1.5 feet high. The flag shows two mfers NFT characters enjoying drinks on a beach. The website description labels it as “seizen #1/edition #1” and it is available for $39.98. What’s more, only 1,000 flags will be released, each tied to a replica NFT that can be redeemed online.

Drawing inspiration from the mfers NFT project, Thompson and Varnell turned the imagery into a fun product. Furthermore, Varnell’s role as a manufacturer’s representative facilitated the collaboration with Evergreen, an established manufacturer with ties to Lowe’s, allowing them to bring their vision to life. Moreover, in the future, TM3 aims to grow by partnering with other CC0 NFT projects and creating more merchandise.

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