Mila Kunis Criticizes Friends With Benefits, Claiming BFF DAO is Better

Mila Kunis is Promoting BFF DAO

Just in time for women’s month, BFF DAO, top-billed by Mila Kunis, is making a splash in the NFT industry! According to its website, the group’s mission is to help women and non-binary people take advantage of Web3 opportunities. Pushing the initiative is an impressive line-up of over 50 women leaders across their respective industries. Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks, Brit Morin, Jaime Schmidt and many more are on board!

Mila Kunis is Promoting BFF DAO

Mila Kunis is giving her all-out support to BFF DAO! Credit: The Graham Norton Show

What is BFF DAO?

BFF DAO boldly declares that women are missing out on a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and they vow to change that. Brit Morin was inspired to start the project because when she walked in walked into the main conference hall at NFT NYC week, she didn’t see other females. So she co-founded BFF DAO with Jaime Schmidt to build an on-ramp for women and nonbinary people into the space. Together they signed up Hollywood A-listers and a bunch of top tech investors and artists like Jessica Hische for the project.

Basically, the group wants BFF DAO and its Discord channel to be a place where people can let their guard down like they do with their BFFs. The group will focus on the education component and getting the “crypto-curious” to just take the dive into learning more about it. Impressively, over 15,000 people signed up for their first event last January.

Mila Kunis Dives In

Mila Kunis is strongly advocating the project and she has been very vocal about what makes this project stand out. She described the project as a tokenized social networking site for women. Members will get an NFT-backed BFF bracelet that will give them access to a “way better version of Friends with Benefits.” She casually added that it will be “way less money-laundering and more transparent.”

Her statements instantly became a trending topic on Crypto Twitter. On one hand, some found it funny that she casually admitted that money laundering is involved. One user cheekily asked what “way less” money laundering means. Does that mean there may still be “a little bit” of money laundering? Others described her comments as a “wild thing to say.”

Meanwhile, others are curious why she casually took a hit against another NFT project, Friends with Benefits. The crypto-backed social club is a new model for social communities. So it is a “music discovery platform, an online publication, a startup incubator and a kind of Bloomberg terminal for crypto investors.”

Interestingly, Kunis starred in Hollywood movie Friends with Benefits. So Crypto Twitter found it funny that “Friends With Benefits” (2011), starring the actress was a cooler version of “No Strings Attached” (2011).

Prior to BFF DAO, Kunis launched Stoner Cats, an adult animated series that only NFT holders can access. The NFT collection of 10,00 Stoner Cats sold out in 35 minutes and raised $8 Million. Each NFT was priced at $800 or 0.35 ETH.

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