Miladys NFT Project: What Is All the Drama About?

It’s another day, another NFT Twitter drama. This time around, the Milady NFT project founder has come under fire for their earlier hate speeches that surfaced online. Many Twitter users have alleged that the founder has previously posted several homophobic, anti-trans, and white nationalist tweets. But what is the Milady NFT project and what are the accusations against its founder?

Four anime girl avatars in the Milady NFT project

The Milady NFT project’s founder was called out for their disturbing past comments. Credit: Milady Maker

What is the Milady NFT Project?

Milady Maker is a popular NFT collection featuring 10,000 generative PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. An anonymous online collective called Remilia launched these anime-inspired, lo-fi avatars last year. Initially, the idea was to give holders access to a “​​highly customized Minecraft server”.  

The Milady NFT project soon expanded its ecosystem to involve NFT banners, mixtapes, VRtube, a bootleg merch store and more. The collection became popular early this year, with some selling for as high as 15 ETH or about $45,000 at the time. Currently, its floor is at 0.375 ETH on OpenSea.

What do Miladys look like?

Apparently, Charlotte Fang (who also goes by “Charlie” or “Charlemagne”), is the CEO of Remilia. According to Fang, the collection takes inspiration from “00’s Tokyo street fashion”. Each NFT in the collection comes in different rarities, starting from the highest rarity of “SS”. 

Some users have criticised the use of “SS’ instead of “S” due to its Nazi connotations, reported CoinDesk. However, Fang refuted such claims. 

What is the Milady NFT Project Drama About?

Apart from the use of “SS”, the collection found itself in muddy waters after other allegations emerged. For instance, soon after its launch, many collectors found that a spin-off collection featured avatars wearing t-shirts with the word “Treblinka”, a major Nazi concentration camp. The project denied this too, claiming that they randomly generated the phrases using text from multiple sources.

Are Miladys Racist?

Alarmingly, things don’t just end there. Some Twitter users have also alleged that Remilia is linked to a now-defunct, white supremacist collective called Kaliacc. Kaliacc is short for “Kali Yuga Accelerationism”, which refers to the Vedic Yuga Cycle. 

“…the miłady maker/remiłia team is a neo-nazi grooming cult that has been exploiting and coaxing underage girls into self harm + worse for years under the name kaliacc,” Tweeted dexter.

Tweet on Milady NFT project founder

Several Twitter users have called out the Milady NFT project founder.

Besides, some have also alleged that Fang is behind the online alias “Maya”, who is one of the leading figures of Kaliacc. Miya’s early tweets and blog posts are extremely racist and homophobic. Miya has also been accused of “grooming” young girls. Allegedly, Miya was also part of a suicide cult that was responsible for a 17-year-old taking their own life. 

Who Created The Miladys: Was it Miya?

Initially, Fang denied any connections to Miya. However, on Saturday, Fang made a “full disclosure”.

“I was Miya. And its toxic baggage that’s hurting Milady community & poisoning the vibe,” Fang tweeted. “I apologize about trying to hide the past account—Miya has nothing to do with Milady Maker & should stay that way so I’ll be stepping down from the team from here.”

Tweet featuring Charlotte Fang's response

Charlotte Fang’s response.

Fang added, “Thought trying to distance myself would help but not gonna keep pussyfooting around it. Unequivocally, my real views hold no room for hate, and I detest abusers & groomers—trolling about it was juvenile, but in reality I’ve never harmed a fly.”

They further said that they will be “taking a break” for a while. Fang’s tweet received mixed reactions, with some users calling them out for “lying”.

Admittedly, there are some serious allegations against the Milady NFT Project Founder. Could this be the end of Milady Makers? Well, only time will tell. 

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