MindBlowon NFT: Everything You Need To Know

Could MindBlowon become the next big NFT project to capture the space’s attention? Well, as hard as it is to predict, MindBlowon has as good a chance as any collection to launch straight into the stratosphere. With its off-the-charts social media following and prolific artist-creator, this project looks ready-made for the NFT limelight.

a collage of MinBlowon NFTs

MindBlowon is shaping up to be the next big NFT project you won’t stop hearing about. Credit: MindBlowon

What is the MindBlowon NFT project?

MindBlowon is a collection of 6,969 NFTs with a signature illustrated style. Indeed, these zany, all-male (by the looks of the sneak peeks) human characters have an unmistakably unique aesthetic.

What’s more, the MindBlowon NFTs are actually the Web3 rebirth of a long-running comic strip (more on that to come). As a result, the team behind the collection has lofty goals for what they hope to see the project become.

For example, the project website refers to MindBlowon Universe as “a metaverse for creators, dreamers, doers, jokers, and everything in between!” To what extent MindBlowon plans to create its own metaverse is unclear. In any case, like many Web3 projects, MindBlowon touts the value of its community above all else.

Also, in case you’re wondering, MindBlowon is the combination of ‘Mind Blown’ and ‘blo’on’, which is Indonesian slang for dumb. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the surreal vibe and style of humor that MindBlowon utilizes.

Talihats comic strip

LickPalick developed the style of the MindBlowon art through his comic strip “Tahilalats” for about 8 years. Credit: MindBlowon

Who created MindBlowon?

MindBlowon is the brainchild of Indonesian illustrator Nurfadli Mursyid, better known as LickPalick. Drawing as a means of observation his whole life, LickPalick started putting out his work around 2014/2015. At that time he drew comic strips based on his day-to-day life.

He titled these comic strips “Tahilalats”, the Indonesian word for a skin mole – a mark of identity that LickPalick himself has. Tahilalats grew to be an incredibly successful webcomic in Indonesia. Not only that, but the comic series boasts collaborations with major brands like Sony Pictures, Samsung, PlayStation, and Spotify.

Now, more than 3,000 comic strips later, Tahilalats is coming to Web3 via the aptly named MindBlowon Studio.

MindBlowon NFT mint details

MindBlown NFTs are set to mint in the next few days! Credit: MindBlowon

How can you get a MindBlowon NFT?

After months of excitement, MindBlowon finally announced mint details for its NFT collection at the end of April. As shown in the above image, MindBlowon plans to mint its NFTs in three phases.

First is what it’s calling a Fair Dutch Auction. In short, this works much like a normal Dutch auction, with the NFT mint starting at a ceiling price (0.69 ETH) and decreasing by 0.05 ETH every 30 minutes until it hits the low mint price (0.169 ETH).

The “fair” part comes into play once the auction wraps up. That’s because everyone who mints a MindBlowon NFT at a higher price than the last price in the Dutch auction will receive a refund! This is what the team ultimately decided was the best way to go, given how popular its mint will surely be.

Then there’s also the standard allowlist/private sale, minting for half the last auction price. Finally is the public sale, minting at the low auction price. If I had to bet on it though, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for there being any NFTs left for a public sale.

cartoon for the MindBlowon Discord server

The MindBlowon NFT Discord server is so popular, you need to decipher a code just to get in! Credit: MindBlowon

Could this NFT project achieve blue-chip status?

Overall, MindBlowon is definitely an NFT project to keep an eye on. While there are certainly no guarantees in NFTs, projects with this much hype usually see some success in the short term at the very least.

To that end, MindBlowon has some of the most absurd social media numbers for a pre-reveal NFT project we’ve seen. Its Twitter account has gained nearly 300,000 followers since January. LickPalick himself has over 100,000. And that’s to say nothing of the project’s Discord. Its server is so in-demand that you have to watch a video and decipher a code just to join it.

It’s anyone’s guess how this hype could carry through past the mint period. Even so, 2022 NFT projects like Azuki, Murakami Flowers, Invisible Friends, and VeeFriends Series 2 all had similar levels of hype. Needless to say, all those projects are doing just fine.

Take a look at the MindBlowon NFT website to learn more about this intriguing artist-led collection. And if you’re planning on jumping into it, good luck! Dutch auction or not, this mint is sure to be heavily over-subscribed. Hopefully MindBlowon’s Fair Dutch Auction can do as intended and help prevent a gas war.

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