Mint Your Own Customized NFT via The 8biticon NFT Pixel Avatar Creator

As much as people love NFTs these days, creating your own digital asset seems complicated and costly – but not with 8biticon! The very first pixel art avatar maker aims to take over the market with a unique collection, built by its own community.

With billions of elements combinations, the sky’s the limit when it comes to this NFT engine, so let’s see how it works!

image of 8biticon NFT avatars

The OG pixel avatar creator, 8biticon, steps into the NFT market with a collection created by the community itself!

What is 8biticon?

Founded in 2012, actually, 8biticon is the OG pixel art avatar creator. That’s right – this company has been developing pixel PFP (Profile Picture) style artworks way before it was cool – but now they’re cooler than ever.

As a result, 8biticon decided to combine its innovative pixel art creation tools and NFTs for a collection of 11,111 digital assets. In order to make the project truly special, the team allows you to design these legendary NFTs using its pixel art avatar maker!

image of four 8biticon NFT avatars

The 8biticon innovative technology allows NFT collectors to create their own special digital assets within minutes.

So how can I create my own NFT?

Surprisingly, creating your own NFT takes just a few minutes thanks to 8biticon’s innovative system. In just a few steps, you can come up with a unique digital 8bit artwork:

  1. Connect your digital wallet (preferably MetaMask) to the official 8biticon website;
  2. Experiment with thousands of unique elements and series to create the ideal avatar; from facial features to cool accessories, the traits come in four rarities (common, rare, super rare, and unique);
  3. Once you’ve finished your design, simply submit your avatar. After approving the minting fee from your wallet, the minting process will automatically begin.

Basically, in just three simple steps, you’ll have an original 8biticon NFT right in your Ethereum wallet! Of course, the total price of your NFT will be calculated based on the elements used to create it. 

What’s more, the latest version of 8biticon is also offering three series of avatars as follows:

  • Essentials: featuring the iconic 8biticoin design, allowing collectors to personalize their NFTs as they wish;
  • Originals: coming with a brand new format of 32×32, plus an impressive upgrade in elements design and textures;
  • Specials: including incredible themes to take your avatar to the next level, including Santa Claus, Zombies, Samurai, and more.

With so many new elements and an impressive design, you can design the perfect PFP or gift within minutes!

image of four 8biticon NFT avatars

With 8biticon, you can become part of a groundbreaking upgrade in NFT avatar creation!

The perks of holding an 8biticon NFT

Obviously, the most important benefit is contributing to the OG pixel art avatar creator’s NFT collection. Besides this opportunity, though, you’ll also become eligible for the 8biticon Referral Program.

In essence, every NFT holder gets a referral link they can share with friends or their own community. Then, you’ll receive 15% of the minting price for every purchase made using your link. Of course, you can also trade your digital assets on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, which makes them even more valuable.

If you’re ready to become an important part of this one-of-a-kind iconic project, it’s time to create your amazing NFT on the 8biticon website! You can also follow the project via Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram for the latest upgrades and announcements. Lastly, in order to join exclusive giveaways and more, join the growing Discord community!