Minting NFTs From a Smart Contract Made Easy

how to mint nfts from the smart contract now nftevening guide

Have you ever experienced an NFT drop where the NFTs sell out immediately? Well, often, you can avoid the rush and mint your NFT straight from the smart contract. Not sure what all that means? Let us teach you what a smart contract is and how you can use Etherscan to interact with and mint those precious NFTs.

how to mint nfts from the smart contract now nftevening guide

Minting NFTs directly from the smart contract is easy once you know how

What is a Smart Contract?

Basically, smart contracts are pieces of software codes that enable the network to store the information transparently and securely. These contracts run on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts power NFTs as they verify the NFT ownership and handle the transferability.

How To Prepare For Minting an NFT Directly

Firstly, gather all the details well beforehand. This includes; making sure that you check the minting price per NFT and the maximum mint per transaction. Yes, many NFT smart contracts have a limit on how many NFTs you can mint to each wallet. Or they could have a limit on how many NFTs you can mint per transaction.

Next, find the NFT project’s smart contract address. Usually projects will post their contract address on their official website and social media channels. Make sure to check it thoroughly! Actually, it’s all too easy to make a mistake and end up minting from a malicious contract that may steal all of your precious NFTs!

Using Etherscan To Mint NFTs From The Smart Contract

Then, enter the contract address on Etherscan. Etherscan is a block explorer. In fact, it can do a lot more than just help you mint an NFT. If you want to know more, check out our guide on how to use Etherscan

After doing this, click on the ‘verified contract’ tab. 

There should be an option to connect your wallet. Make sure to check you’re on the real Etherscan website before connecting your wallet and minting an NFT though! No one wants to lose their assets.

Next, click “Write contract” and then “Connect Web3”. Enter the details of the NFTs you want to mint. Enter the total ETH to be spent on the NFTs in the mint box. Then, enter the quantity of NFTs you will be minting in the _mintAmount box.

Your Metamask should pop up and you will be prompted to sign a transaction. This will mint the NFT directly to your wallet from the smart contract! 

If you want to beat the crowds, learning to mint from the smart contract is imperative. Minting NFTs directly gives the NFT OGs a big edge over the competition. Now, you have the skills to get ahead too!


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