Mist: The First Blockchain RPG Game on Binance Smart Chain 

With NFT Gaming gaining ground and setting records, Mist will always stand out because it is the first blockchain-based RPG in the Binance Smart Chain. This play-to-earn game is centered around NFTs, Staking, and Farming. 

The game is expected to be launched by early next year which is reasonable in RPG-development standards. Traditional RPGs take time to develop; Mist faces another level of difficulty because it is backed by blockchain technology.


Mist: The First Blockchain RPG Game on BSC. Credit: Twitter (@MistNft)

The developers are confident that they will be “employing awesome combat systems that go above and beyond the basics.”  Ultimately, the game will “offer competitive-minded players a rewarding place to test their mettle.” This is crucial because there’s a gap in the play-to-earn scene for games with top-notch gameplay, great story and dynamic multi-player aspect. This is understandable because NFTs only skyrocketed this year so most NFT games are simple and straightforward. 

Mist: Battle Epic Monsters Collecting NFTs

The Mist universe was built with Unity using the in-house Mist NFT Game Framework (MNFG). Basically, players can collect NFTs, battle epic monsters and explore immersive environments in the MIST Universe.

The game features five playable classes: Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger, Shapeshifter, and Witch Hunter. Moreover, there are countless spells, abilities, and environments to augment the gameplay.

Character classes in Mist will allow you to experience different gameplay, different spells and abilities and different roles in-game. For example, Some classes will be strong melee fighters. Others may be strong spellcasters. Others may be ranged fighters, and so on.

Mist Crusader NFT Character

Crusader NFT.  Credit: Mist

The bottom line is each class will have a different feel, gameplay, and immersion experience. Each Mist player can play the default “Adventurer” class and can grow to be strong and powerful. However, if they would like to take on more specific roles, they will need the NFT Class token.

In-game NFTs are obtained via rare monster drops and in-game events. The NFTs in Mist are not like the typical “collectible card” NFTs so common in crypto today. Instead, the NFTs are useable and functional. Then, it can be inserted into the Mist Game Framework and become special in-game items.

Players can buy these NFTs in the in-game exchanges (auction houses) or 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world.

Launch of Marketplace

Last August 6, the project unveiled its first-of-its-kind immersive, 3D in-game NFT marketplace. It breaks away from traditional catalog-style Marketplaces. So while browsing, the user experience mimics real gameplay. This means that as players navigate the Marketplace, it would be as if they are already playing the game. 

Mist NFT Marketplace

Mist unveiled the first immersive NFT Marketplace that mimics gameplay instead of catalogue browsing style. Credit: Mist

It is in the pre-pre-beta stage, so the project provided playtesting servers per region to access them. Over 53,000+ players joined from 77 countries. The servers have fully functional NFT Sales and NFT Tier upgrade systems in place (however, every single NFT has been sold out). NFT Tier upgrades are still live at the Upgrade NPC.

NFTs, tokens and Play to Earn Mechanisms

Players can stake the in-game currency (the $MIST native token) by purchasing or investing in in-game businesses, such as taverns, general stores, and more. By “staking” this way, players earn rewards. Moreover, they can farm by “purchasing” farmland, farms, or livestock. As your farms work, you receive rewards. 

Using the $MIST token, players will be able to level up their respective NFTs. The marketplace will also offer the opportunity to combine two NFTs of the same level with $MIST to obtain a higher level.

There’s still limited information on the staking and play-to-earn mechanics. However, the team promises to intertwine each function to the blockchain and creatively use $MIST tokens for these functions.

So far, the game has announced a strategic and technical partnership with  Crypto World––an impressive Open-World Sandbox Social MMO NFT game.  Crypto World has created a Mist Store in their in-game universe. Allegedly,  players will be able to browse and purchase an NFT from Mist in 3D and soon Augmented Reality 3D. 

Mist Crypto World Storefront

Mist store front on Crypto World. Credit: Mist

First Edition NFTs

The NFTs sold last August 6 were ​​1st-Edition Mist NFTs which means the only way to obtain them will be to buy from the secondary market.

NFT upgrades will have 5 tiers total ranging from Tier 1 (basic) to Legendary (top tier). Upgrading NFTs will take exponentially more resources.

Upgrading Character Class NFTs

Players can choose to upgrade NFTs from Tier 1 to Legendary. Credit: Mist

Each time the player upgrades an NFT, the smart contract burns and removes lower-level NFTs from circulation. For example, when you use 2 Ember Ursus NFTs to upgrade to a higher-tier Ember Ursus, the smart contract permanently burns the 2 lower-level NFTs. In effect, there will be fewer of the item in-game.

Only 608 of each Tier 1 NFTs will be available on the marketplace. That means potentially only 38 Legendary fully upgraded items. To put it into perspective, it will take 16 Tier 1s to create a Tier 5 Legendary NFT. This means that obtaining the NFTs will become progressively more and more difficult and rare. 

Latest Project Update

Following the release of the 3D NFT Marketplace and First Edition NFTs, the project has rolled out more features and functionalities.

First on the priority is to improve accessibility. In this regard, Mist released its first-ever desktop client with MetaMask connectivity. This is a first-of-a-kind build with a proprietary Desktop Client-MetaMask connectivity system. The Desktop client will be necessary to enter the Mist universe and NFT marketplace.

Then the project released Character Class NFTs which are only available for purchase using $MIST tokens. These Character Class NFTs will be necessary to play the various classes in-game and players can upgrade them for more powerful levels of the class. Furthermore, NFT items owned by players are now visible on their character in-game.

Mist Character Class NFT

The project recently released its Character Class NFTs. Credit: Mist

During the NFT Sale for First-Edition NFTs, the Asian server encountered some technical issues. So to compensate, the team organized a special Asia-specific sale for those Edition 1 NFTs.

The latest news update about the First Blockchain RPG Game on Binance Smart Chain is available on the website and official Twitter account.

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