MOAR NFT by Joan Cornella: Everything You Need To Know

The MOAR NFT collection features 5,555 creatures on the Ethereum blockchain. Together with FWENCLUB, Spanish artist Joan Cornellà’s 200 hand-drawn attributes make up this unique group of humans, cyborgs, and zombies. They now live together peacefully in an unusual metaverse mansion. Let’s take a peek in this mansion, shall we?


Can you handle any MOAR? Credit: OpenSea

MOAR NFT Collection

In a mansion on 0, MOAR Street, a group of unique creatures live together peacefully while the rest of the world is in lockdown due to an alien invasion. The unusual mansion features some shops, games, and exhibitions in the metaverse. This is the first-ever NFT collection by Joan Cornellà, he invites you to come and be a MOAR guest.

The MOAR NFT collection launched in April 2022 and is now only available on the secondary market. MOAR #1 was released through an auction, and finally closed at 46 ETH. Subsequently, the team announced that all proceeds will go towards the DAO development.

For the other 5,554 NFTs, 21% were released to the whitelisted accounts first, then 74% were released to the public through a Dutch Auction. The remaining 5% was reserved for the FWENCLUB team and the artist.

MOAR Utility and Future Plans

Holders can expect to gain access to the artist’s physical and virtual exhibitions, and exclusive purchasing rights to his artwork. In addition, holders will also get a chance to receive airdrops of 3D avatars for the metaverse. So far, the holders have already received various community rewards such as the MOAR phone case.

Presently, some mini-games are already in the pipeline. The games are only accessible by the MOAR NFT holders, where players will earn free Joan airdrops. These games should release in May 2022, while the airdrop will be in June 2022. Moreover, the metaverse-ready versions will be available in July 2022. Evidently, the next few months are going to be super exciting for the community.

Towards the end of the year, Joan is planning to organize a MOAR virtual exhibition. That should be something worth looking forward to. However, a MOAR NFT is definitely not for everyone, with some even calling it offensive and unnecessary. Well, to each his own I guess.

Oh, and by the way, Animoca Brands‘ Yat Siu just joined the MOAR NFT family days ago. A bullish sign maybe?


Play to win a free airdrop! Credit: @ARR_ltd


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