Mocaverse and CyberConnect Unleash the Power of Web3 in Membership NFT Collection

Mocaverse, a prominent membership NFT collection, has exciting news today! Significantly, they are teaming up with CyberConnect, a decentralized social network, in a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to leverage CyberConnect’s scalable cross-chain infrastructure and social network protocol. Ultimately, they aim to enhance the Mocaverse Web3 Membership Program. Let’s take a closer look!

Mocaverse NFT membership collection and cyberconnect

Mocaverse and CyberConnect join forces!

Unveiling the Powerhouse Partnership!

Animoca Brands, the creators of the Mocaverse membership NFT collection, has announced an exciting partnership with CyberConnect. This strategic collaboration will use CyberConnect’s scalable technology to boost the Mocaverse Web3 Membership Program.

Firslty, let’s take a look at Mocaverse. The vibrant PFP membership NFT collection within the Animoca Brands ecosystem is on a mission to foster collaboration, connection, and growth in the Web3 world. With 8,888 unique NFTs called Mocas, Mocaverse provides a platform for creators and enthusiasts alike. Notably, it aims to empower Mocaverse NFT holders to build their Web3 social reputation, forge valuable connections, and actively participate in the Mocaverse community. Holders can do this through exciting features like Moca XP, Realm Tickets, and NFTs.

So, what is CyberConnect? CyberConnect is the largest decentralized social network in the Web3 space. With CyberConnect, developers can create social apps that empower users to take control of their digital identity, content, connections, and earning potential. Additionally, it offers two key features. First, CyberProfile, a way to access Web3 securely. Secondly, CyberConnect Social Graph, a tool to connect your digital life and friends.

Powering Mocaverse Membership NFT Collection’s Growth

Alan Lau, the Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and subsequent growth of the membership NFT collection. He stated that CyberConnect’s scalable and versatile cross-chain infrastructure will be pivotal in driving Mocaverse’s growth and creating immersive social experiences for its community.

He commented, “CyberConnect’s scalable and composable cross-chain infrastructure is going to play an instrumental role in scaling Mocaverse’s growth across applications, creating endless social experiences for the Mocaverse community. With our shared vision on enabling true digital asset ownership, and by seeding the platform with Animoca Brands’ ecosystem partners, we believe that this partnership will bring net positive value not only to Mocaverse and Realm Ticket holders, but also to the wider Web3.”

Wilson Wei, CEO of CyberConnect, also shared his thoughts. He expressed excitement about collaborating with Animoca Brands and the groundbreaking Mocaverse membership NFT collection. He highlighted the partnership’s transformative impact on redefining social networking and community-building in the Web3 era.

“Together, we are empowering individuals by prioritizing their ownership, privacy, and creative freedom, fostering a truly decentralized and social digital world. Our collective vision is to unleash the untapped potential of the Internet, where individuals can seamlessly connect, collaborate, and co-create the future of the decentralized web.”

So, what will the partnership look like? Well, to initiate the partnership, Mocaverse will use CyberConnect’s protocol to tokenize Mocaverse’s content. Furthermore, Mocaverse NFT holders will have access to the Link3 platform. Significantly, this is a Web3-native social network built on the CyberConnect protocol. This step will enable content ownership and engagement on-chain. Thus, allowing Mocaverse NFT holders to own their created content. Moreover, their interactions within the community will generate Moca XP, the points and rewards system of Mocaverse. Excitingly, this will enhance the overall experience.


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