Modern Poker Club: Meet the P2E Metaverse for Poker Players

A whale from Modern Poker Club playing poker.

Love poker? Then, Modern Poker Club is for you! Modern Poker Club is a community of poker players who are making poker more exciting. Specifically, the project is developing “Pokerverse”, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) play-to-earn (P2E) game in the metaverse for poker players. The club is made up of four different factions—Sharks, Fish, Donkeys, and Whales. Modern Poker Club NFT holders can earn coins every time their faction wins in tournaments!

A whale from Modern Poker Club playing poker.

Modern Poker Club’s first NFT collection drops next month.

All about ​​Modern Poker Club

Next month, Modern Poker Club will drop its first NFT collection. The initial collection will include a total of 10,000 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Then, the collection features four categories—Sharks, Fish, Donkeys, and Whales. Actually, this is quite fitting as these are popular poker terminologies. For the uninitiated, their meaning is as follows:

  • Sharks – A highly-skilled poker player.
  • Fish – A novice who makes mistakes.
  • Donkey (or donk) – A bad poker player prone to making poor decisions.
  • Whale – A very rich but bad poker player.

These NFTs are more than a mere PFP NFT. In fact, they serve as the key to the upcoming Pokerverse game. In the game, you can earn rewards and NFTs, play against friends, and even host your own tournaments. Alternatively, you can go to the other Pokerverse Clubs and play against other Whales, Sharks, Fish, and Donkeys. 

Every time you win, you will get tokens. Moreover, just by playing different games, you can level up your characters, granting you access to different tournaments. Once you climb up the Pokerverse Earnings Leaderboard, you can earn rewards! In addition, the team will hold live events on their YouTube channel for top holders to compete for $100,000. 

Different categories of animals playing poker.

The collection includes four categories.

The pre-sale of the Modern Poker Club collection goes live in April 11th-15th at 0.2 ETH per NFT. Then, the public sale will follow on April 18th at a slightly higher mint price of 0.3 ETH. You can mint the NFTs on As Modern Poker Club uses the new ERC721A protocol, you can mint up to 20 NFTs in a single transaction at significantly lower gas fees. 

The project has a solid roadmap too

Modern Poker Club has a detailed roadmap made up of 10 different stages. First of all, once 10% of the NFTs are sold, the team will airdrop 60 gold, rare NFTs to early backers. At the next milestone (20%), it will allocate $250,000 for the MMO P2E PokerVerse alpha development. A $100,000 for social media marketing and 30 ETH for daily giveaways will follow suit. 

Once 50% of NFTs are sold, the Modern Poker Club team will allocate $100,000 for floor sweep. Next, they will send 3D resin miniature card protectors to 100 random holders. Airdrop of 100 gold, rare NFTs, development of merch shop, and complete development of PokerVerse are some of the other plans in the pipeline.

If you are interested to know more about this exciting NFT project, make sure to follow the project on Twitter and join their Discord server.