Let’s Take a Look at the New Proof/Moonbirds Council!

Moonbirds creating a community council of 10 holders to help break down barriers

The Moonbirds Twitter account made a major announcement yesterday! The NFT project created a ten-person council of community members to improve communication between the team and holders. What do we know about the “Proof + Moonbirds Community Council”?

Moonbirds creating a community council of 10 holders to help break down barriers

Kevin Rose is looking to his community for help in reversing a terrible year for the Moonbirds
Image Credit: Business Insider

What is the Proof + Moonbirds Community Council?

The initiative comes weeks after the team promised to provide more opportunities for community involvement. The post reads, “We think clear, open communication between our team and our community is critical. The council is meant to go beyond Twitter and Discord to create a direct line between us and our holders.” This is welcome news for many Moonbirds NFT holders.

The Moonbirds project has had a terrible year. After reaching a floor price of over 40 ETH last year, the collection now sits firmly below 3 ETH. Many holders have expressed frustration with the team’s “building in silence” methodology. To make matters worse, the project also failed to impress with roadmap deliverables since its launch.

Hopefully, the new council should help resolve some of the project’s issues. Ten community members will meet with leadership from Moonbird’s parent company PROOF. The hope is that these regular meetings will help to communicate the “wants, needs, and desires” of holders.

Who is on the New Council?

The ten-person council includes:

  • Marlo Johnson, a multidisciplinary artist and published author
  • EBMD Crypto, a believer in the PROOF’s pivot to making art its “North Star”
  • Color Block, a traditional artist
  • Kyle Riggins, the head of sales at dGen Network
  • Cropcircle, a marketing and event planning professional
  • Axu.eth, a venture investor
  • Lakoz.eth, a marketer focused on strategic development
  • Philip Yoong, a pediatric dentist
  • Drew Barman, a project founder
  • James Hall, a development manager at Shopify

These individuals are all Moonbird holders. As holders, they understand the issues facing the project. By collaborating with the PROOF team, they should be able to establish a better feedback channel moving forward.

Communication Between the PROOF Team and Moonbirds NFT Holders

Increased communication could be a game-changer for Moonbirds. For a moment, Moonbirds seemed poised to overtake Bored Ape Yacht Club as the top NFT project. NFT collectors rushed into the collection after mint and Moonbird PFPs became major flexes. Buyers also loved the idea of owning an NFT project launched by successful Web2 entrepreneurs Kevin Rose and Ryan Carson.

Then, disaster struck. Ryan Carson announced he was stepping down from his role to focus on his venture capital fund. This move caught many people off guard. Moreover, a large percentage of buyers had entered the ecosystem based on Carson’s involvement, and his sudden disappearance seemed like an ominous sign.

After that, fans eagerly awaited the unveiling of their Nesting Rewards. Nesting Rewards were perks given to holders for locking their NFTs in a “soft-staking” contract prohibiting the items from being listed for sale. Given the NFTs’ high price tags, expectations were high.

However, the Bronze nesting reward was a hat and a pack of stickers. The Silver reward was a fanny pack and socks. The Gold reward was an Infinite Objects frame. Given the high collection’s high price tag, many holders were underwhelmed with the rewards.

Recently, they also announced a Diamond reward.  Holders received a new NFT called a Mythic Egg that would eventually hatch into a Mythic, a companion NFT project to Moonbirds.

The Moonbirds Silver Nest reward failed to impress

Moonbird holders were not impressed with receiving a fanny pack for their Silver Nest rewards
Image Credit: eBay

The team also received criticism for canceling the project’s popular convention “Proof of Conference” and scrapping its plans for a metaverse project called Hi-Rise. During this time, the community felt frustrated by the combination of missed expectations, dropping floor prices, and an apparent lack of attention from the project’s team.

So, hopefully, the creation of the Proof + Moonbirds Community Council will help get the project back on track.


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