Moonbirds Ravens Rumor: What Is It All About?

image of a MoonBirds NFT with orange background ravens

Rumours are circulating online about MoonBirds Ravens following a leak of a trademark request. Following the news spreading across Twitter, the floor price of MoonBirds has risen dramatically. In the last 48 hours, it has gone from 20 ETH to around 27 ETH today. Many believe this provides enough evidence to suggest that new additions to the MoonBirds ecosystem are imminent.

image of a MoonBirds NFT with orange background ravens

Rumours are circulating on Twitter about a new addition to the MoonBirds ecosystem after a ‘Ravens’ trademark filing. Credits: MoonBirds #1761

MoonBirds Ravens trademark rumour spreads like wildfire

Twitter user @CloutedMind first posted the screenshot of the trademark filing for MoonBirds Ravens. The image appears to show paragraphs of text relating to the legal requirements for ownership rights in the United States. 

Another user, @bitfloorsghost, did some more digging on the trademark filing and found something quite interesting. The initial screenshot does not show who was responsible for the request.

However, the new information from @bitfloorsghost shows that a patent was filed on 28th June by Proof Holdings. Significantly, Proof Holdings is the official company behind MoonBirds.

Although there has been no confirmation from the team yet, many believe it is a matter of time before we see MoonBirds Ravens NFTs. This is one of the reasons why the floor price has risen so sharply in the last two days.

MoonBirds defies the overall NFT market trend

MoonBirds has arrived at a strange time for the NFT market. The overall trend for NFT projects is downwards at the moment. However, after bursting onto the scene in April, MoonBirds continues to race ahead with its NFT plans.

Now, with rumours of MoonBirds Ravens spreading, the project is becoming one of the biggest of the year so far. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the popular team officially confirms the new NFT project.

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