Moonbirds Transcend: PROOF’s Mythics Collection Unlocks a New Chapter

PROOF Mythics Unfolds an Enchanting Narrative

PROOF has unveiled a significant addition to its ecosystem: Mythics! Markedly, the web3-based community is launching a captivating collection of NFTs that heralds the next phase of the Moonbirds world. Let’s take a closer look!


  • PROOF unveils Mythics NFTs, expanding the Moonbirds universe with an immersive minting experience.
  • Mythics offers profound insights into the artists’ journey and the transformative power of art.
  • Join the PROOF community to embrace human stories, access unique benefits, and celebrate the Mythics art at Foundry by PROOF in LA.

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Unleashing Mythics: PROOF Expands Moonbirds Universe with Captivating NFTs!

The PROOF Mythics project builds upon the renowned Moonbirds PFP collection. Excitingly, it also introduces a generative series of mythical birds. With this new collection, PROOF takes its community on an exhilarating journey into the immersive Moonbirds world. Plus, they are showcasing a fresh and immersive minting experience.

Moreover, PROOF Mythics unfolds a compelling narrative of a society grappling with fear, battling a monster born from their own insecurities. The only path to victory lies in confronting the fear within themselves. This enchanting lore connects to the artist’s journey, providing profound insights into the creative process, imagination, and the transformative power of art.

Kevin Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of PROOF, shares the excitement surrounding Mythics. He said, “With Mythics, we’re offering our community a novel experience that unites the PROOF ecosystem and expands the storytelling initiated with Moonbirds. I’m immensely proud of our teams’ hard work on this launch, aiming to amplify Moonbirds’ narrative through art and technology.”

PROOF Mythics

Image: PROOF Collective.

Join the Expanded Moonbirds Universe & Embrace Human Stories

Mythics beckons digital art collectors and creators to immerse themselves in the expanded Moonbirds universe and the PROOF community. Plus, embracing and celebrating the human stories that underpin every artwork.

Each day, 50 Mythics Eggs will be activated, and 50 nominated Oddities NFTs will be transformed into Mythics. Once activated, the Mythics eggs can be hatched at any time. Additionally, PROOF Mythics holders will enjoy full commercial rights to their art and leverage the character’s intellectual property. They will also gain limited access to PROOF releases, art installations, and opportunities to participate in digital and real-world experiences. Holders will also receive full membership in the Lunar Society, Moonbirds’ entrepreneurial arm. Thus, they will be able to propose and vote for supported projects. Furthermore, Mythics are set to earn PROOF ecosystem loyalty points once the company’s Talons program launches.

Justin Mezzell, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of PROOF, shared the creative journey behind Mythics. He shared “Building the Mythics collection with the incredible team here at PROOF has been an amazing experience. As creatives, we delved deeply into the lore of this world we’ve been crafting – through both the art itself and the unique minting mechanics. We aimed to create an engaging, entertaining experience that unites our community and invites them wholeheartedly into the world and story of Moonbirds and Mythics.”

Moreover, the PROOF collective invites Mythics holders, Moonbirds collectors, and members of the growing PROOF ecosystem to celebrate the art in person on July 21st at Foundry by PROOF. Significantly, this 4,000-square-foot art gallery and community space, located in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District, will mark its grand opening. Foundry by PROOF will serve as a hub for the web3 community of PROOF enthusiasts, artists, collectors, and more, fostering a thriving creative ecosystem.

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