mRNA Vaccine Fighting Covid Sold As An NFT For $226,800

Image of the mRNA covid vaccine NFT

The University of Pennsylvania has just sold an NFT of an mRNA vaccine fighting the Covid 19 virus for $226,800. This one-of-a-kind NFT is a remarkable combination of smart contract technology and groundbreaking science. The 3D digital work takes the viewer on a journey through the human body and shows the mRNA Covid vaccine attacking the virus on a molecular level.

Moreover, Proceeds from the auction at Christie’s auction house will go towards research activities at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine.

Image of the mRNA covid vaccine NFT

An mRNA Covid Vaccine NFT sold for $226,800 at Christie’s auction house.

mRNA Covid vaccine NFT sells for a huge amount!

The incredible Covid vaccine NFT was designed by the University of Pennsylvania and Dr Drew Weissman. Dr Weissman’s research over the years helped create mRNA vaccines.

mRNA stands for messenger ribonucleic acid, and these vaccines teach cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside the human body.

Along with the Covid vaccine NFT, the owner will get a storyboard that explains what the NFT depicts and the University of Pennsylvania-owned mRNA patent documents. Furthermore, the NFT comes with an original letter from Dr Weissman.

mRNA 3d art offers a glimpse inside the life-saving vaccine

Some details in ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA MRNA NFT – VACCINES FOR A NEW ERA’ are mind-blowing. It is a one-minute visual 3D sequence using various colours, shapes, movements and sounds. Following the mRNA inside lipid nanoparticles inside a vaccine, this NFT also offers a unique microscopic view.

Finally, the Covid vaccine NFT proceeds will go towards scientific research. Basically, this piece of NFT art could save lives in the future. It is yet another excellent example of NFT technology and how people can use it to advance science and more.

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