Musee Dezentral: the World’s First Decentralised Metaverse Museum is Transforming Art Curation.

The team at RaveSpace has announced it will launch its first decentralised Metaverse museum. The museum project will be titled Musee Dezentral, released in response to the isolating nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. The museum will feature unique NFTs and allow users to display their own NFTs within their collections.

The Musee Dezentral Museum

Musee Dezentral is the first NFT museum fully realized on the Blockchain and will feature over 200 frames. Credit: reddit

Musee Dezentral is Changing art Curation

Musee Dezentral will be the world’s first Blockchain-built virtual NFT museum. The museum will give users the chance to feature their own unique NFTs in the museum’s collection. Each NFT has a specific location and frame within the museum.

Musee Dezentral has already opened its entrance hall and special curated room for users to peruse. The entrance hall currently features the most infamous NFTs. In contrast, the curator hall features the NFTs of guest curators, who are invited to put on art shows.

In 2022, Musee will be launching the entire decentralised museum: featuring over 3 floors of content and 222 individual frames. Likewise, Musee will also be establishing other museums in the future, featuring different forms of art alongside NFTs. The curator’s plan is to evolve organically in a decentralised way, with the end goal being a metaverse-style museum where people can interact and feel inspired by art.

Musee Dezentral was built from the desire for individuals to interact online: an idea initiated by the isolative nature of the Covid-19 pandemic causing physical museums to close down.
Transferring the physical museum experience to a digital one will enable users to visit them virtually online.

Similarly, initial interactive development created by RaveSpace offers an immersive 3D club-like experience, giving users the ability to explore Berlin clubs online. Expanding from this concept, Musee Dezentral was born.

Musee Dezentral will change art curation

will create an immersive experience that will allow users to view prime artworks in a unique and immersive way Credit: reddit

Metaverse Museums are Becoming a Reality

Musee Dezentral is one of the first museum NFT projects on the market, representing the first step for NFT curation online. Likewise, it will be one of the first NFT projects to feature the art of individual NFT collectors, with Musee Dezentral looking to expand to over 200 individual NFTs in 2022. As a result, there is a lot to be excited about regarding the virtual museum.

The museum is the first step towards a fully virtual museum online, realised by the power of NFTs and the Metaverse. Thus, it will not be long before Musee Dezentral is a place where art enthusiasts and NFT collectors can come together from around the world in joint recreation. As a result, creating its own Metaverse.

In conclusion, the Musee Dezentral will be a unique, one-of-a-kind online NFT collection. It will be one of the first fully curated NFT collections on the Blockchain. Similarly, It will revolutionise how we see and access art.

The NFT art collection will feature the finest NFTs from the world’s best collectors. It will create an immersive experience that will allow users to view prime artworks in a unique and immersive way.  Therefore Musee Dezentral will change art curation for good.

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