Mutant Hound Mint Goes Live Today: Here’s What You Should Know

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) storytelling community ‘Mutant Cartel’ launches the next phase of its narrative with Mutant Hound NFTs. The project has announced on Tuesday that a multi-round mint series will begin from 14th December onwards. Read on to learn all about Mutant Hound NFTs!

A Picture with Mutant Apes riding their Mutant Hound NFT counterparts

What Is The Mutant Hounds NFT Project?

The Mutant Hounds will be mint in a two-part process. The first being a staggered Mutant Hound Collar mint. This is the start of collectors’ journey to minting their Hound. There are 10,000 Mutant Collars up for grabs. Further, Genesis Oath holders, alongside BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and other public have 24 hours (each) to mint these collars. The dates for each of these holders are as follows:

  • Genesis Oath – 14th December (0.11 ETH)
  • MAYC – 15th December (0.25 ETH or ApeCoin equivalent)
  • BAYC – 16th December (0.25 ETH or ApeCoin equivalent)
  • BAKC – 17th December (0.25 ETH or ApeCoin equivalent)
  • Public Sale – 18th December (0.25 ETH or ApeCoin equivalent)

Then, the next stage of the mint process is the burning of the mint collar NFTs to receive their Mutant Hounds! The goal of this project is to expand the narrative of the Mutant Cartel. Moreover, Lior.eth, Mutant Hound project founder also states that the project aims to expand the lore of the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

“This entire collection is dedicated to the Apes,” Lior.Eth stated. “Mutants first, but we’re creating the Hounds to expand the entire BAYC universe. The community should expect one of the coolest mints of the last few months. We’ve been working super hard on it, and we’re excited to finally start the journey.”

About Mutant Cartel

The Mutant Cartel is a community-driven, narrative/storytelling-based project for Mutant Ape (and offshoot) NFT holders. To clarify, the Cartel is entirely independent and autonomous of its involvement with the MAYC projects, though. It is also an addition to the value of the BAYC/MAYC and Yuga Multiverse!

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