A Guide To Alex Becker NFT: Neo Tokyo Identities

Alex Becker announced the Neo Tokyo NFT Collection in early October 2021.  However, unlike the path normally trodden by NFT projects, Neo Tokyo NFT ecosystem is shrouded in secrecy. To mint the first set of Neo Tokyo Identities NFTs, you had to solve various puzzles and riddles. Even now, it’s not easy to join their Discord either. 

Despite all the secrecy (or perhaps because of it), the Neo Tokyo Identities project took off almost instantly. What was launched as free to mint NFTs now has a cult following. They followed the identities with both inner and outer citizens. 

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT

Neo Tokyo Identities is a first-of-its-kind NFT drop. Credits: Alex Becker via @ZssBecker

What is Neo Tokyo NFT All About?

Neo Tokyo Project consists of 2018 identities and 2500 vault cards. It loosely takes inspiration from the 1987 anime movie, Neo Tokyo set in a dystopian world. Moreover, the NFTs are strings of codes that come with “many aspects” that will give “citizens great power in Neo Tokyo.”

The collection, in the founders words, claimed to be the “fairest NFT drop in history.” In this regard, it had no pre-sales, was free to mint, and the two founders hold just one NFT each. 

Who Created The Neo Tokyo NFT Ecosystem?

Crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades created the neo tokyo NFT collection. Their aim is to build a truly community-focused project that develops a “culture of long term participation”. Basically, the Neo Tokyo NFT collection rewards holders that pay attention to announcements and participate in its digital community.



Alex Becker tweet on Neo Tokyo Identities

Tweet from Alex Becker via @ZssBecker

“Read the code. Know the code. You are your code, but you will be many codes,” Becker tweeted. “Those who learn the code, will [have] advantages beyond imagination when they assume full digital form.”

About Season 1: Inner Citizens

The Neo Tokyo NFT collection’s Season 1 features Inner Citizens. Essentially, Season 1 is divided into four parts—Neo Tokyo Identities, Neo Tokyo Vault Cards, Neo Tokyo Item Caches, and Neo Tokyo Land Deeds.

Neo Tokyo Identities

Neo tokyo identites  represent the characters in the Neo Tokyo world. These are either men or women, with different classes, abilities, eyes, and races. The classes range from Driver, Bartender, and Builder to Cook, Worker, Officer, and more. There are 33 Classes in all. Besides, their text colours vary depending on their rarity.

Vault Cards

Neo Tokyo Vault Cards work pretty much like bank accounts. In other words, you will have credit ratings, supply items, a part of the game’s wealth, and more in the vault. What’s more, the vault contains the collection’s native token, BYTES.

Item Caches

In the Neo Tokyo world, these represent various items holders can collect for their characters, including clothing, weapons, autos, and helms, to name a few.

Neo Tokyo Land Deeds

The fourth part of the Neo Tokyo set, the holders of the above three could claim these for free. These are virtual land spread across various communities.

Neo Tokyo Citizens

The Neo Tokyo NFT collection began with the Identities. Later, Identity holders could get the attributes of their Vault by playing a mini-game, titled Kong Klimb. Then, vault holders played another mini-game to get the rarity of their Item Caches.

Afterwards, everyone with all the first three parts of the set could claim Land Deeds. Finally, those with all four pieces could upload their codes to claim a Neo Tokyo Citizen. Unlike Identities, which are strings of code, Citizens are full-fledged characters with highly-detailed artwork.

These alone have a floor price of 13.5 ETH on OpenSea. This means you will have to shell out at least $42,000 to own one of these coveted citizens!

Various citizen NFTs in the citadel

Neo Tokyo citizen NFTs on OpenSea. Credit: OpenSea

Season Two: Outer Citizens

Outer Citizens make up Neo Tokyo’s Season 2. Here too, Becker tweeted details of the Whitelist for minting Outer Identities, minutes after which it was filled. Once the whitelist was closed, users got one hour to burn their BYTES. Here’s the twist—the more tokens they burned, the rarer would be their Outer Identity.

Soon, Season 2 will unveil Land, Vaults, and Items to complete the set. Besides, NFT rarities and BYTES allocation will depend on the rankings of the Meta Tournament.

Actually, the project launched gaming guilds and teams in February, this year. Post this, NFT holders could take part in various Meta Tournaments on Twitch to compete for items.

How To Get A Neo Tokyo NFT

Getting yourself an NFT in the collection is no piece of cake. Only those who are in Neo Tokyo’s allowlist could mint the NFTs. Moreover, only those who solved the riddles or won games made it to the allowlist on a first come first serve basis. Then, on Upload Day (October 3), Becker dropped whitelists in groups, with each group having 10 minutes to mint the Neo Tokyo Identities. 

However, this process did not guarantee a mint. Actually, they asked users to “pass” another test. 

According to Dave Loyal,  they were asked a number of questions. Previously,  Becker tweeted various clues and codes  containing the answers. At the end of the quiz, the project gave users Etherscan addresses and contract links where they were able to mint the NFTs – if on the allowlist of course. 

Neo Tokyo Vault Cards

Furthermore, on October 16, the team posted the contract link to mint vault cards. The process was the same as before, with each Neo Tokyo holder getting two hours to grab a single vault. However, if the holders did not make it in time, game-winners on the whitelist could “steal” the vault.

Tweet from NEO Tokyo NFT collection

Tweet from NEO Tokyo News 5 via @neotokyonewstv

Should You Buy A Neo Tokyo NFT?

Today, Neo Tokyo Identities is the top 33rd collection by all-time trade volume, according to DappRadar data. So far, its all-time trade volume has hit $125.12 million! Some of the NFTs in the collection have also sold for hefty sums. Character #1468, for instance, is the highest-selling NFT in the collection, as per OpenSea. It sold for 175 ETH (around $550,000 by current market prices).

Meanwhile, Character #1781 fetched 150 ETH ($472,000 now). Similarly, #291 and #1809 sold for 79 ETH and 75 ETH, respectively.

Clearly, Neo Tokyo Identities is an NFT project like no other. Can it give top collections like The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and CryptoPunks a run for their money? Well, we can’t wait to find out! 

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