Neopets’ NFT Collection: Everything You Should Know

A Neopets NFT collection launched on solana in November and now they’re eyeing up the metaverse. It’s the first time the virtual pet platform has stepped into the non-fungible token space. The series is based on the company’s 20-year history.

Neopets NFT

The Neopets NFT series feature the brand’s recognisable style.

Neopets NFTs: Why Now?

Jim Czulewicz, President and CEO of JumpStart Games, Inc., the company that owns Neopets weighed in on the move: “Over the past 20-plus years, nearly 100 million people have engaged with Neopets characters both in the game and through merchandise and other branded items.” In his words, they believe introducing these NFTs offers “the chance to experience and own part of the history of Neopets”. Reportedly, their target audience is both their own userbase and collectible investors too.

How Many NFTs are in the collection?

In total, there are 20,500 unique  Neopet tokens. Each are equally unique, meaning there are no rarity levels. However, there are seven varying trait categories, with different backgrounds, clothing, and assets involved.

When did Neopets NFT Collection Drop?

The collection dropped back in November 2021. Now, they are focusing on how to deliver their fantastic roadmap. We can’t wait to see what the Neopets Metaverse will bring.

Working with Raydium

In order to create the project, Neopets is working with Raydium. The automated market maker is built on Solana blockchain, and leverages the central order book of the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX). This means lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity, and new ways of earning yield.

Developed in partnership with Raydium’s DropZone,  the initiative aims to promote the growth of non-fungible tokens on Solana. Mainly, they achieve this by offering support to project teams. As you’ve probably guessed by now, Neopets is one of those teams.

Neopets Blue Dragon

Since launching in 1999, over 100million people have cared for a Neopet

What are Neopets?

So before NFTs existed, Neopets existed. Remember Tamagotchi — the handheld, egg-shaped devices that house virtual pets? Well, this isn’t  dissimilar. Pet owners are invited into the world of Neopia, where the Neopets live in their own metaverse. The idea is to keep the little critters fed, watered, and generally loved. Unlike Tamagotchi, if you don’t give them food and drink they won’t die, but their gameplay is affected by the lack of input.

One of the biggest selling points of the platform is how customisable it is. While many Neopet owners will choose to adopt existing creatures, it is possible to create your own. This technically means an endless number of iterations and designs (or breeds?). Which is why we now see so many different species inhabiting this world. It’s also possible to equip pets with different items, including clothing, books, and art equipment.

As for Neopia, the fantasy realm is divided into islands. Each of these has its own individual theme. For example, one land is based on pirates, another on prehistory. The world has its own unique calendar, and time zone, although the latter is actually tied to Pacific US time. Despite that, the brand is popular worldwide and its possible NeoPets NFTs might take off in the same way.

Want to take a deep dive into the metaverse? In the meantime check out both Aavegotchi!. We can not wait until Neopets’ Metaverse is here, with its huge established following. Not only that, but the original format lends itself well to NFT collectibles. With that in mind, we expect big things when their metaverse finally lands.

Find out more about future drops and metaverse information on their website here.


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