NFT Bot Spam On Twitter Driving You Mad? Here’s What To Do:

Remove bot spam

A Twitter user posted an extremely useful public service announcement a couple of days ago. It shows a few simple steps to reduce the number of notifications by spam bots. The BAYC owner, @young8uddha, reported that he only received 2 spam tweets in 15 hours since making this simple change in his Twitter settings.

Remove bot spam

Shout out to the kind soul that shared this tip. Credit: @young8uddha

Here’s How To Remove (Some) Spam:

Firstly, head on to ‘Settings and Privacy’, then scroll down to ‘Privacy and Safety’. This essentially allows you to manage the type of information you see and share on the platform. In there, find ‘Mute and Block’ to manage such accounts. Go to ‘Muted Notifications’, and there should be 2 toggles saying ‘Who haven’t confirmed their phone numbers’ and ‘Who haven’t confirmed their email’.

The thread added that this method is not foolproof, and bot spams will adapt to these changes in a heartbeat. If needed, you can mute the other options. This includes ‘You don’t follow’, ‘Who don’t follow you’, ‘With a new account’, and ‘Who have a default profile photo’. This strengthens your shield, but also reduces some of the fun stuff you might want to check out.

The above method should be the same for both iOS and Android. This alone should significantly reduce the amount of spam we receive on a daily basis. Although it may be annoying for most people in the space, these bots pose a threat to some, especially NFT newbies.

Most of the NFTs, the good ones at least, do not come cheap. We do not need to see people coming into the space and heading for the door in the first 2 weeks due to these tiresome bot spams/scams. Hence, we’ll take whatever precautions we have for now.

To @young8uddha and others in the space with hearts of gold, hats off to you guys.

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