Genopets NFT Game: Play to Earn Mechanics And More Explained

Habitats and crystals - two important features of the Genopets NFT Game

The keenly awaited NFT game Genopets is getting ready for launch! This week they have revealed two important features of the game called “Habitats & Crystals”. As a matter of fact these features are an important part of the game’s play-to-earn mechanics.

Habitats and crystals - two important features of the Genopets NFT Game

Genopets unveils the in-game features “Habitats” and Crystals”. Credit: Genopets

How Habitats And Crystals Work In The Genopets Game

So what exactly are these habitats and crystals? Together with the Genopets NFTs themselves, they are the key components of the game.

Habitats are 3D landscape NFTs that serve as the in-game home to players’ Genopets. In addition the habitats allow players to earn the $KI token, which is the in-game currency of Genopets. Habitats come in the form of five elements. These are fire, wood, earth, metal and water. Consequently each kind of habitat creates a crystal that relates to its element.

What’s more, there are three levels of habitats. Players can upgrade their habitat using the $GENE token. Basically a higher level habitat produces more crystals and better updates for Genopets. Genopets breaks down the specifics of each habitat level and how it affects the game on their blog.

Now for Crystals. To explain, when players get crystals from their habitats they have to “refine them” before they can use them. That is, the players use the GENE and KI tokens to convert the crystals. Higher level habitats will also allow players to refine their crystals faster. Afterwards, players can use these refined crystals in a few ways. For instance, they can use them to upgrade their Genopets NFT or to make other items for the game.

Graphic explaining Genopets Components

The “Building Blocks” of the Genopets Game. Credit: Genopets

Genopets’ Creates New Model for NFT Games

Genopets has created an entirely new model for their game. Of course there are many NFT games with play-to-earn functions at this point. However Genopets are entering the space with a very new take on this. Indeed, they pride themselves on being “The World’s first Move-to-Earn NFT Game”.

As we explain in the above article, players must move around in real life in order to gain XP. This is the basic way to upgrade the Genopets NFTs. The more XP players gain, the more they can upgrade their Genopet. Significantly they can then go on and sell their upgraded NFT to other players.

Genopets Main Logo/poster

Genopets is bringing a brand new mode of gaming to Solana. Credit: Genopets

Updates On NFT Drop

At the present time Genopets has not announced when the NFT game will be launched publicly. Nevertheless there is a signup for the beta version on the Genopets website. Another key point is that the genesis collection of Genopet NFTs goes on sale on Monday, November 29th. Holders of this collection will automatically gain access to the beta.

Genopets will be releasing 3,333 pre-evolved NFTs as part of the collection. 1,000 of these will go to holders of the Genopet Egg NFT. Genopets airdropped these eggs to early supporters last month. The remaining genesis NFTs will go on public sale. Surprisingly, hopeful owners will need to buy these NFTs not with the Solana token SOL, but with the GENE token. It’s important to note that the GENE token is not currently tradable in some markets, including in the US.

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