NFT influencer Ashni Cancelled For Her Racist Tweets

Ashni NFT influencer

NFT Influencer Ashni is receiving the full wrath of crypto Twitter over her derogatory and racist remarks! Screenshots of her tweets resurfaced where she repeatedly used the “N-word”. So as a consequence of this controversy, she’s no longer part of NFT Marketplace SuperRare.

Ashni hosted a Twitter space entitled “A Warning to all Web3.” One user exposed her by sharing a photo of her past racist tweet along with the caption: “Don’t grandstand and speak for POC (people of color) when you don’t even bother covering your tracks. The image went viral because even NFT educator and influencer @mecdot shared it on her profile.

Ashni NFT influencer

Credit: @ashnichrist on Twitter

Ashni’s Racism Controversy

Twenty hours after the issue blew up, Ashni tweeted an explanation and apology for her 28,500 followers. She said, “I tweeted some unacceptable and derogatory comments in my past and I’m deeply ashamed. I apologize for the harm and hurt I caused and am stepping down from my role at @SuperRare to reflect and learn from my mistakes.”

Unfortunately, her apology didn’t sit well with some community members. @majatek called her out for “wording it in such a way that you detach the context of your actions to make it look like you’re less guilty.” For example, Ashni made it seem like she resigned when she was actually fired. SupeRare issued a statement that the platform “has a zero-tolerance policy for and condemn racist, derogatory or hateful speech, full stop.” As such, they decided to part ways with Ashni.

On the other hand, some users are defending Ashni by saying that it’s no big deal. Firstly, the tweets were from 2012. As one user puts it, “you just tweeted lyrics from a Drake and Tyga song that everyone in the world tweeted in 2011. We all love that song lol Yolo was the vibe that summer.”

The NFT Community recently canceled ENS Director of Operations at Ethereum Name Service, Brantly Millegan, over his comments on homosexuality and abortion. The difference between the two is that Ashni regrets her actions and says she is an entirely different person now. Meanwhile, Brantly still holds the same beliefs!

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