NFT Influencer Hacked For $1 Million of NFTs, But Some Call It Karma

This week, another Twitter NFT influencer has claimed to be the victim of an OpenSea hack – yet some people have doubts about the story. Accordingly, the collector lost several Doodles, Bored Apes, and other blue-chip NFTs, totalling over $1 million. However, the NFT community does not feel sorry for the influencer at all – and here’s why.

Hooded computer hacker stealing information with laptop on colored studio background

A popular blue-chip NFT collector allegedly was hacked via OpenSea, the Twitter influencer revealed in a controversial post. Credit: FreePik

How did the BAYC NFT collector get hacked via OpenSea?

Twitter NFT influencer and BAYC collector @jfx is the latest victim of hacking. The collector shared the news via social media along with a screenshot of his stolen NFTs. In a screenshot of his phone, we can see two Doodles, one MAYC, and one BAYC; – however, there may be more stolen digital assets.

Revealing the hack, @jfx also added a plea to NFT collectors:

“Please do not buy any of these items or anything else from my wallets,”

Yet, while some community members felt sorry for him, others called the incident “karma”. Here’s an example:

Twitter screenshot of a post regarding a hacked NFT collector

Multiple NFT collectors believe @jfx got hacked as a result of the scams he allegedly made in the past. Credit: Twitter

How did the NFT community react?

Surprisingly, the above reply from fellow collector @zachxbt received almost 10k likes. According to him, the hacked NFT collector has in the past scammed users by the use of social media tactics – particularly via Instagram. Other users echoed this, and even accused @jfx of stealing from other community members.

“Well you’ve been stealing from people for a good time, so here is your karma,” user @Hallalluja wrote.

Regardless of the truth, one thing is certain: NFT scams are on the rise. In fact, multiple collectors have been complaining about falling victim to scams on the OpenSea platform itself, so the real question is:


Can you protect yourself from NFT scams?

Right now, hackers are targeting the NFT community more than ever. Some may try to steal your seed phrase via simple word docs. Meanwhile, other hackers attract users with free mint NFTs that actually hide malicious smart contracts. So what can you do?

Firstly, the most important step is to DYOR before investing in any NFT project – particularly new ones. Besides that, you can re-evaluate your digital wallets to choose the safest option for your needs, and look at investing in a hardware wallet. Our security guide with Ledger tells you all you need to know about NFT and crypto security.


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