NFT.LONDON VIP NFT Tickets Will Feature Xcopy Artwork

GIF of XCOPY artwork

NFT.NYC is coming to the UK, with the first-ever NFT.London event happening November 3-4. The event, driven by YellowHeart, will fully embrace NFT culture by featuring local artists on the tickets themselves. One such featured artist is the illustrious digital artist XCOPY, with three of his exclusive pieces featured on NFT.London’s first ever VIP NFT Tickets.

GIF of XCOPY artwork

VIP tickets feature artwork by the iconic XCOPY

XCOPY Art on NFT Tickets

Artists are at the heart of the NFT scene. With that in mind, NFT.London is highlighting community talent by partnering with multiple local UK artists. These artists will create collectible NFT tickets that not only showcase their talent but also create additional value for attendees. In line with his coveted status, XCOPY’s art will grace the VIP tickets. His distinctive artworks have seen him reach top seller status, and his name is placed among those considered ‘blue-chip’ artists of the NFT community.

The general admission tickets are home to a line-up of stellar artists, including Adam Fryda, Adam Rattigan, Alba Torregrossa, Kate Philipson, and Rosso Emerald Crimson.

collage of NFT.London tickets

An impressive line-up of artists for NFT.London General Admission tickets

Get Your Ticket for NFT.London

NFT.London wants to welcome crypto-natives and crypto-newbies alike to their inaugural event. Therefore, they have focused on making the event as welcoming and easy as possible. Simply purchase your General Admission or VIP ticket using FIAT or Crypto directly from the YellowHeart website or mobile wallet.
These tickets will live in your crypto wallet, with the entire purchase journey existing on the blockchain. At the event, simply scan the ticket in your wallet for admission. You can also physically redeem your NFTs and redeem associated media using YellowHeart’s newest feature, the ‘My Assets’ page.

NFT.London tickets are available now on YellowHeart’s marketplace, and via YellowHeart’s mobile wallet, available on Google Play or the Apple App Store

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