Record-Breaking Day for Fantasy Top: $1.8 Million in NFT Sales

Record-Breaking Day for Fantasy Top: $1.8 Million in NFT Sales

Fantasy Top emerged as the top performer in the NFT market on Sunday. The collection achieved US$1.8 million in daily sales. According to CryptoSlam, this impressive figure came from 8,610 transactions involving 2,155 unique buyers and 3,430 sellers.

With these recent sales, Fantasy Top’s total sales volume reached US$46.13 million. The collection is traded on Blast, an Ethereum layer-2 chain developed by the creators of the Blur NFT marketplace. On Sunday, Blast ranked fourth in CryptoSlam’s daily blockchain rankings, mainly driven by Fantasy Top’s sales.

Ethereum Dominates Blockchain Sales

Ethereum continued to lead all blockchains in sales volume on Sunday, pushing it to $4.87 million. Compared to $4.37 million the day before, this was a minor gain. With strong sales numbers, Ethereum is still at the top of the market.

The second highest-selling NFT collection was Guild of Guardians Avatars, part of the Immutable blockchain. This collection recorded US$753,306 in sales, closely matching the previous day’s US$754,727. Immutable blockchain’s total daily sales amounted to US$876,524, showcasing its stable performance.

DMarket, which operates on the Mythos Chain, ranked third in daily NFT sales. It saw a slight drop from US$759,148 to US$742,298. Despite this decrease, the Mythos Chain managed to report a total daily sales volume of US$765,072, indicating its significant presence in the market.

Two other notable collections on the Ethereum blockchain, Azuki and Bored Ape Yacht Club, experienced significant sales increases. Azuki jumped from US$95,292 to US$432,296, securing the fourth position. Meanwhile, Bored Ape Yacht Club climbed from US$230,925 to US$305,883, placing fifth. These gains reflect growing interest and investment in these collections.

Final Thoughts

Sunday’s NFT sales highlighted the strong performance of Fantasy Top, Guild of Guardians Avatars, and other top collections. With Ethereum leading in blockchain sales, the NFT market continues to thrive, showcasing the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of digital assets.

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