35 NFT Memes: The Greatest of All Time

There’s nothing that can lift your spirit like some quality NFT memes and funny content! It doesn’t matter whether you got rekt on a trade, minted a rug pull, or lost an NFT gas war, NFT jokes are sometimes our only friends. Besides, we all know the power of a great NFT meme.

Funny NFT related content is a great way to start the day, specially with NFT memes. Plus, the NFT community is obsessed with internet and pop- culture. Thus, it’s unsurprising NFT memes for real degens have come onto our radar. Yes, we have degenerate memes for NFT teens and crypto boomers (Over 30s, I’m looking at you)!

So, here are some of the NFT Evening team’s favorite memes of 2022. Need to up your NFT meme game? This list of NFT meme content and funny and priceless community moments will have you laughing your ass off.

1.  NFT People are just a different breed

NFT degens vs normal people NFT memes

All I need are NFT memes and degens to share them with

About NFT Memes

Needless to say, we’re several years past the point of memes being niche among internet-based communities. Well, either that or it’s just that all communities are at least partially internet-based these days.

In any case, the NFT/crypto space is particularly internet savvy. So it should come as no surprise just how important memes are in NFTs.

For one thing, some of the earliest new-grabbing NFT sales were of classic memes, like the disappproving kid. Clearly, NFT memes and inside jokes are a vital part of an NFT lover’s everyday language.

2. Me explaining NFTs to my family

a cartoon with Frodo explaining how NFTs work to Gollum - NFT memes

Filmmaker and artist, Adam Sacks tweeted this sketch that is a favorite of the NFT community. Credit: Adam Sacks

The Right-Click-Save NFT Memes

If you’ve spent any time at all in NFTs, you’ll know all about the right-click-save meme. For those who don’t, it pretty much explains itself.

To explain, the phrase “right-click-save” comes up in internet comment sections and Twitter replies every single day. It usually goes something like, “Why would I pay X amount of money for this jpeg when I could just right-click save it for free?”.

Indeed, there are maybe some people in the NFT community who still take some kind of offense to these comments. However, most people in NFTs, they’ve learned to laugh them off. Accordingly, these NFT memes are proof of just that.

4. If you remember this you’re an NFT boomer.

text saying "you wouldn't screenshot an NFT" funny NFT memes

This NFT community-favorite meme targeting the right-click-save crowd taps into our collective DVD nostalgia.

5. How dare you!

NFT meme featuring Willem Dafoe's character from Spiderman saying "Oh, you can't do this to me."

Who doesn’t love a good Norman Osborne meme?

6. Just smile and wave boys

internet troll NFT meme featuring the NFT right-click-save commenter

This sums up well some of the low-hanging fruit in the right-click-save arsenal.

Self-targeting NFT Community Memes

Don’t let the right-click-save memes fool you. Without a doubt, nobody pokes fun at the NFT community, like the NFT community. Except for South Park.

Let’s be real about it – people into NFTs are acutely aware of how ridiculous the whole thing can look from the outside. Especially when you consider how new the space is. Which is to say, everyone in the NFT space was outside of it not that long ago!

With all that said, here are a couple of the self-owning NFT memes that we most enjoyed.

7. When your Dad ruins your street cred…

funny nft meme featuring photo of a boy crying at his schooldesk with the text 'when its career day and yo dad walk in wit his nft collection'

Just imagine how many kids will live this experience 10-20 years from now.

8. …And he won’t stop at home either.

one day son this will be yours dad nft meme funny drawing

The dads out here are just preparing

9.  My Parents just have other priorities

funny NFT meme of my parents in their 30s (with a house and family) vs me in my 30s (buying digital pet rocks)

This generation has wildly different aspirations than those that came before.

10. NFT flipping is for the uncultured, I’m much more than that

nft flipper digital art connoisseur winnie the pooh meme

“Um, I think you’ll find I’m a Digital Art Connoisseur”

11. When the Bored Ape members get out of hand

meme made up of four photos of a man putting on clown make up with the text 'tweet gm' 'buy an ape' 'launch your exclusive nft project' 'go back to your day job'

Sometimes you GMI. Sometimes you NGMI.

12. The art is in the set up…

a cartoon of a man bringing the Trojan horse through city walls

You have to ease NFTs into conversations with your normie friends.

13. But we all get a little out of hand sometimes.

Photo of a man in a santa hat in front of a cluttered conspiracy corkboard with text overlay

Be honest, how many of you were looking like this over the holidays?


Here are some NFT memes that are more celebratory. Some are boastful, some are very much insider-jokes, all are hilarious. We know those funny moments in this NFT scene where you think….”This is it! generational wealth!”.

14. It always feels like you’re ahead

meme of 3 people pointing guns at each other in a church with none of them noticing the person behind them

Who wants to be a jpeg millionaire?

15. Monkey jpegs Vs Your Degree

While you may think NFTs are stupid, just one Bored Ape Yacht Club jpeg comes with a lot more upsides than most degrees.

a table comparing a bored ape to a college degree

This NFT meme format is meant to be more ridiculous, but a hypothetical choice between a college degree and a Bored Ape is, incredibly, something that would require a lot of thought right now.

16. Not the NFTs!!

collage featuring Gwnyeth paltrow looking distraught and Robert Downey Jr being concerned, and then relieved

Would Tony Stark be Team Punk or Team Ape? Probably both, right? Definitely both.

17. Bring on Ethereum 2.0…If we’re ever alive to see it

a meme featuring a utopian futuristic society

This one isn’t even a meme, it’s a scientific projection.

Funny things about being part of the Community NFT Memes

Often, people in the NFT community seem to suffer a lot of stress at its fast moving pace. Some are afraid to miss upcoming NFT drops, others launch their own projects and can’t seem to deal with the pressure.

18. This one is for the people working in web3

Rick and Morty NFT meme


19. I’ve done it and it hurts.

hippo in pain from whitelist stress has wl but forgets to mint

Without fail, the mint you miss is the one that insta-moons. Without fail.

20. I’m not an addict, you are!

Aoki Curse NFT Memes

We’ve all heard about it. But we’re starting to believe it too! Yes, Steve Aoki is famously the top signal of any NFT collection. Did he just ape into your new favourite collection? It might be time to sell…and fast! The following are our favourite Aoki Curse Memes

21. Seriously, he’s a force to be reckoned with

azuki curse meme

Honestly, we are starting to believe in the Aoki Curse. Aren’t you?

22. The Screaming Men called out the ETH top. Too bad we didn’t listen.

Aoki Curse Tweet

Is the Aoki curse strong enough to spark a bear market???

NFT Rug Pull Memes

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of NFT scams going around these days. But what better way to get through the pain than laugh it away with some NFT memes?

23. Zagabond, the learner.


zagabond meme azuki founder

Apparently Azuki Founder Zagabond has a different idea of learning to the rest of us

24. If you haven’t been rugged, have you even lived?

nft newbie gas fees scam meme

I think we’ve all been there.

NFT Community Drama and Gossip Memes

Hey, it’s not always project founders who get dragged by the NFT community. Sometimes NFT memes are born through influencer drama like this one here!

25. NFT influencer Yieldasaurus can’t protect himself from the memes

Maybe you weren’t there, but “influencer” yeildasaurus managed to turn the community on himself in one tweet. Basically, he said we ain’t sh*t if we don’t have a 100k pfp. Sorry Yieldasaurus, we’ll take our less than $100k PFP somewhere else!


bored ape NFT poors attacking me meme yieldasaurus funny joke

Be careful what you put out into the world folks!

26. I’m not naming names but I see you

meme with Pam from the office insider trading alpha

Don’t show this one to legislators figuring out how to regulate NFTs. Or do?

27. GM Mfers

gm say it back funny memes about nfts nft community

I didn’t hear you say gm

NFT Bear Market Memes

Thought the sight of red candles all over the crypto markets would slow down the meme train? Guess again! In the NFT Community, funny jpegs aren’t only for investment. Sometime it’s good to laugh (before you cry…)

28. Don’t find my NFT portfolio’s hidden folder please

samurai sword crypto meme funny 69% joke

Sometimes it helps to say less.

29. My NFT portfolio isn’t even funny anymore

Drake Ethereum 2.0 meme

Still waiting for the merge to save ETH prices? Yeah, us too…

30. NFT Bull market Vs Bear Market

bull market vs bear market funny meme nft crypto

You win some you lose some


The NFT Community’s Hero: The Best Kevin Memes

If you want to get a strong sense of the NFT space’s meme sensibilities, then look no further than Kevin. For those who don’t know, Kevin was a star of the horrifically awful Pixelmon NFT mint. So ugly was this Kevin NFT, so laughably bad, that he became a cult figure in the NFT space. While many jokes in the NFT meme community fade after time, Kevin is still funny.  It looks like Kevin memes are here to stay.

31. He’s certainly my person of the year

Pixelmon Kevin NFT meme

NFT of the year?

32. Sartoshi was the King of NFT Meme Culture

Don’t remember King of Meme culture and founder of Mfers, Sartoshi? Well you probably should. At least you should remember his grand exit from the NFT community. Needless to say, he loved Kevin.


Pixelmon Kevin NFT meme

The life of the party

33. I knew I wasn’t the only one simping for Kevin

Pixelmon Kevin NFT

Everybody loves Kevin

Bagner Memes Vs The NFT Community

Simple typos becoming foundational in crypto communities is nothing new (see: HODL). And after one fateful group chat member misspelled the word “banger”, Bagner became the latest rallying cry in the NFT space. Unsurprisingly, someone even made a Bagner NFT collection. The NFT community can’t help themselves when it comes to funny content and memes.

34. Just say it

bagner nft funny mask bearded guy

Yeah… that about sums it up.

35. When you’re done but no one else is

Social media in the NFT community when just one of your jokes popped off.

bagner nft community joke bart simpson

Live look at your favorite influencer when bagner came around

36. When Bagner Memes gets more NFT twitter hype than the BAYC Metaverse Updates

Yes, while the big bagner saga was happening, Yuga Labs made their first test run for the Otherside Metaverse. But who cares about the metaverse when you have some NFT jokes to tell, right?

bagner nft

Even the mighty Yuga Labs was no match for a senseless un-joke.

Hope You Enjoyed This Selection of NFT Memes!

One thing is for sure, NFTs and memes go hand in hand, just think of the famous Elon Musk meme sold last year.
We all need a good joke sometimes, so we will update this funny NFT memes list in future. Plus, you can always tweet us your favorite NFT meme collection or metaverse memes at @NFTevenening. We love to joke, so keep the funny NFT memes coming! Plus, check out our dedicated youtube video here!

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